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 Comely Bank  Comely Bank Path Dining Room Table Living Room

“Comely Bank” where Paul and Jean lived for 35 years in suburban Chicago. On the right Paul cares for his bird friends while neighbor (Rotary’s first president) Silvester Schiele looks on.

 Also See the effort to purchase Comely Bank  

Jean and Paul at home where they observe “our ever changing picture of hillside, friendship garden, pines and spruce, gnarled oaks, Winter snow drifts, Spring flowers, Summer verdures Autumn colors, wary rabbits, impudent squirrels, quarrelsome sparrows, voracious starlings, raucous Blue Jays,


…  tuneful redbirds, the milkman’s flashlight, newspaper boy, mystic sunrise, plodding mailman, friendly neighbors, and at eventide gleaming headlights of thousands of gliding motorcars bearing wearing city toilers to the light, warmth and love of their homes.”

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