“Why I am a Rotarian”


“Why I am a Rotarian”

This free, weekly feature, originated at RGHF by PDG Dr. Eddie Blender, contains inspiring statements from Rotarians (shown below) – on why they are “Rotarians.” We hope this will encourage others to examine the reasons why they belong and see the tremendous value of each membership in creating understanding and world peace. Send us yours today.

In 2007, our two features “What Paul Harris Said” and “Why I am a Rotarian” will alternate every other week.

Why are you a Rotarian?

Send your own “Why I am a Rotarian” in 300 words or less .

Any Rotarian may submit their own essay for inclusion in our new project.

“Why I am a Rotarian” writers

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Discuss Why I Am
Michael W. Abdalla
Geri A. Appel
Mian Shujja Ashraf
Kelly C. Atkinson
Wm. E. (Bill) Ballou
Edward and M. Patricia Blender
Alicia Caparros Botin
William B. Boyd
Ken Burgess
Sylvia Byers
Tony Cerato
Robert A. Cerwin
Linda Coble
Kent Converse
Michael Cooksey
Talee Crowe
Betsy Demaray
Frank J. Devlyn
Clifford L. Dochterman
Glenn E. Estess, Sr.
Dave Fihn
Bob Frakes
Herman T. Gamboa
Cathy Groves
Florence Hui
Carolyn E. Jones
Joe Kagle
Charles C. Keller
Norman F. Kloker
Peter Leslie
Jack Mayo
Rodney Mazinter
Carlo Monticelli
Susan Motter
Harvey Newcomb III
John �rtengren
R Panchanadhan
Salom�n Pesel
Carolyn W. Pierce
Marcie Schmidt
John M. Selway
John R. Sheehan
Philip Smith
Anita Stangl
Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar
Jesse M. Tanchanco, Jr.
Cal Thomson
Cynthia Villis
Arlene Weber
Wilfred J. Wilkinson
George M. Yeiter

Geneva Rotary Club, Geneva, Illinois USA* This is a remarkable list of “Rotarians” some of whom are Doctors, Priests, or Officers of Rotary, but all are listed here by their given names, no titles. They are all “Rotarians” in spirit and in truth. Their stories, in total, will be an inspiration to Rotarians and visitors alike.

Once a Rotarian is a Rotarian for life. Being a Rotarian is not just a fact, it is an emotion and a way of life. The feeling may not always be possible to explain in words, but being proud and happy are definitely on the top of the list.

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