The internet is definitely not a place to help you decide on something!

Not anymore!

There was a time and I am talking about even a few years say five years ago when you would find something on the internet and it would help you make a decision and thankfully the right one. But the way things are going on today, it makes me cringe to think that people can actually log onto the internet and look for practical information that will aid them in making a correct decision.

Here is my case in point:

A couple of months ago, I was desperately in need of supplementary income and I had been trying to get hold of anything that would pay me. I was ready to run errands even stay a bit longer at my present day job and work overtime to be able to save a little money.

I wanted to start a trading account and I realized that I was short of a hundred dollars:

I am good at creative writing and so in the hope of being able to perform a few writing gigs, I logged on to micro-blogging sites and offered my services for as little as five dollars a gig! I knew a lot of my friends who were good with words were there once before they set off for their respective careers.

This job was eye-opening more than anything else:

The first few gigs I wrote were more technical and they were satisfying even though I felt the remuneration was measly. However, I decided to keep the rates really low so that I stood a good competition.

But I was terrified when I was employed to write negative reviews of trading software!

I had been trading online and I knew that QProfit System was one of the best in the industry and here I had to write a negative review on it. This was shocking as much as scandalous. So, I realized that this is how there are so many negative testimonials on the internet. They are most probably paid writers who are writing things about software that is not just false but a juvenile attempt at defaming a superb trading platform.

The big question was is it a safe software, this QProfit System?

And the answer is categorically a big YES!

I opted out of the gig because I did not want to lie and made an edit to my profile that I would not be game for writing negative reviews or testimonials whatsoever. Thankfully, I did not have any such gigs because people read my preference on my profile itself. But like I already said, this was an eye-opening experience.

Folks, remember to not believe everything on the internet. Do your research without prejudice. Most of the reviews up there are doctored and written by paid writers.