William B. Boyd

President’s Name William B. Boyd
Presidential Year President-Elect 2006-2007
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Theme Lead the Way
Home Town Pakuranga, Auckland, NZ
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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Other Information New Zealand Why I am a Rotarian

When one thinks of organizations that are involved in numerous noble causes worldwide it is impossible to not mention Rotary International. With an existence of more than hundred years, Rotarians continue to work with the same zeal and passion as when the organization was founded.


Rotary believes in service before self and works tirelessly and with great commitment in this direction. It is a perfect platform where members share the responsibility of creating lasting change to make the world better for all. This global network comprises of friends, neighbors, leaders, etc. and all those with a vision to solve the various issues global citizens face today.


Paul Harris was the first President of Rotary International and the duration of his term was from 1910 to 1912. Many able and distinguished members as successors followed him. One name among them was that of William Boyd who served as President from 2006 to 2007. His chosen theme of Lead the Way was a perfect example of a how a leader is an ideal role model for all the other members.


Rotary has more than a million members across the globe and they work on many health and other projects at the same time. One of Rotary’s most important missions in their health initiatives is fighting disease. They have been working to make basic health care available to everyone globally.


While the lack of basic healthcare facilities for millions is a reality, there are several people who have these facilities and don’t value it. They take good health for granted and make unhealthy choices, which eventually have adverse effects on their health.


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