Clifford L. Dochterman

President’s Name Clifford L. Dochterman
Presidential Year 1992-1993
Theme Real Happiness is Helping
Home Town (Moraga, California, USA)
Convention Host/

Convention History

Melbourne, Vic., Australia
May 23-26 (22,083)
Other Information
  • The ABC’s of Rotary
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  • Recognized by Rotary Global History Fellowship with the 1905 Liberty V Nickel
  • 12 Steps to the Centennial
  • What is a “PHF” Paul Harris Fellow?, by CLD
  • Why I am a Rotarian
  • The weather around you not only determines what you wear, how you feel or what you eat. It has a profound impact on your health too. With a rise in temperature and humidity, there is an increase in the cases of infections.


    Our body’s immune system is equipped to be one of the best forms of defense against diseases and infections. However, it is essential to keep the immune system strong and healthy. Recovering from injuries will be much faster for those having a strong immunity.


    There isa range of factors that can help to strengthen the immune system. The most important one is eating healthy and eating right. Food is not only a primary source of energy for living beings but the nutrients present in it can build up immune cells. These, in turn, will prime the immune system so that it is ready to defend itself against various organisms, which may cause diseases.


    Apart from food, it is essential to undertake some form of moderate physical activity daily and get adequate sleep. It is also vital to maintain a healthy weight by making the right health and lifestyle choices.


    Having an active social life also has a role in boosting immunity. However, it has one downside too. Catching up with family and friends in public places may increase the risk of infections. One example of such an infection is mycosis.


    Mycosis is a common fungal infection that could be caused by various environmental or physiological factors. Wearing contaminated footwear can cause mycosis. It can also be caused if one would walk barefoot in public places such as a beach.


    Fresh Fingers is an effective product, which works well to get rid of mycosis. It has a natural composition and keeps your feet feeling fresh. It disinfects the area and works as protection to prevent fungal infections.


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    The struggle to be fit and healthy is a constant one. While it largely depends on making the right choices in food and lifestyle, it would also depend on the healthcare facilities one has access to. Unfortunately, millions of people across the globe are unable to afford or do not have access to even basic facilities in health care.


    An organization that has been working relentlessly to ensure that good health across the world is a reality is Rotary International. The members of this organization are called Rotarians are working on several projects worldwide related to healthcare. Rotary believes in the immense power of education and community training in the mission to fight disease.

    Whether it was the first President Paul Harris or its current leadership, Rotary has achieved great success in its objectives due to hard work.


    When asked why he was a Rotarian, one of its presidents, Clifford L. Dochterman, said that Rotary means opportunities. It means plenty of opportunities to better one’s self, people around you, society and the world at large. He served as president of Rotary International from 1992 to 1993 and his words perfectly encapsulate the Rotary spirit.


    Better health and a better world for all are Rotary’s mission and the work will continue till the dream is realized.