Clifford L. Dochterman

President’s Name Clifford L. Dochterman
Presidential Year 1992-1993
Theme Real Happiness is Helping Others
Home Town (Moraga, California, USA)
Convention Host/

Convention History

Melbourne, Vic., Australia
May 23-26 (22,083)
Other Information
  • The ABC’s of Rotary
  • Recognized by Rotary Global History Fellowship with the 1905 Liberty V Nickel
  • 12 Steps to the Centennial
  • What is a “PHF” Paul Harris Fellow?, by CLD
  • Why I am a Rotarian
  • The global issues that our world and its people face today are getting more challenging day by day. It has become imperative for individuals to get together and find solutions that can bring about lasting changes. These changes must happen right from the individual and community level to a global platform so that the world becomes a better place for all. 

    There are several organizations that are working in this direction all across the globe. One of the names that truly stand out is that of Rotary International. It is one of the oldest initiatives with a committed and spirited workforce that has brought about many significant changes.


    The reason for its existence was the vision of a man named Paul Harris. His initial aim was to start a platform where people from diverse backgrounds could collaborate. He wished that an exchange of ideas and forging of meaningful friendships could enable them to contribute positively to the community and society.


    His successors were truly able to continue this mission with their dedication, sincerity and hard work. One such name is that of Clifford L. Dochterman. He served as the President of Rotary International from 1992 to 1993. He believed that Rotary signifies opportunities, which help to improve the quality of life and become a better person. His leadership and commitment continue to inspire Rotarians even today.


    The leadership of Rotary has truly been exceptional and this is vital to the success of any organization. While having the right vision is important, the degree of its success depends on the type of leadership that the organization has. It is the responsibility of a leader to take the right decisions in this endeavor.


    An effective leader provides the correct guidance to help others fulfill the various roles that they are responsible for. While training is necessary, the greatest impact is when a leader leads by example.


    An environment where the morale is high can help to improve performance and keep the motivation levels high. A sense of confidence and trust ensures that the positive approach to work is maintained. It is also necessary to maintain cooperation to understand team work better. This would help to understand how working for team objectives is more important than the fulfillment of individual objectives.


    Values like integrity, passion, and honesty are crucial for success and this is exemplified only when there is an able leader at the top. Taking responsibility for actions is the best way to demonstrate accountability.


    One important aspect that could suffer due to a stressful and tough work environment is good health. Leaders must find a way to balance work and health, not only for themselves but also as an example to the others.

    This might not be easy for all individuals to do especially when one handles multiple responsibilities. Lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are becoming increasingly common.


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