Clifford L. Dochterman

President’s Name Clifford L. Dochterman
Presidential Year 1992-1993
Theme Real Happiness is Helping
Biography CLICK HERE
Home Town (Moraga, California, USA)
Convention Host/

Convention History

Melbourne, Vic., Australia
May 23-26 (22,083)
Other Information
  • The ABC’s of Rotary
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  • Recognized by Rotary Global History with the 1905 Liberty V Nickel
  • 12 Steps to the Centennial
  • What is a “PHF” Paul Harris Fellow?, by CLD
  • There is a famous phrase which goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ and there is great truth in it. It essentially means that when individuals with common ideas join together they can work as a team and all of them will be undefeated.This could also be the aptest way to describe an organization like Rotary International.


    The world comprises of millions of people and they face a range of problems in almost every sphere of life. Rotary has been in existence for more than hundred years and it has been involved in causes that are faced by people globally.


    Rotary believes in the tremendous power and potential of collective strength. They unite people from all walks of life to connect with each other. These collaborations form the basis to exchange ideas and information. This helps them to come up with the best solutions for change that is sustainable.


    Right from its first President, Paul Harris, to its current leadership, Rotary has been able to fulfill its various objectives under their able guidance. One of the ablest Presidents of Rotary was Clifford L. Dochterman. He was the President from 1992 to 1993 and was instrumental in continuing the vision of his predecessors.


    One of the common traits that all Rotarians share is ahard working spirit. We believe that hard work can make it possible to achieve the impossible targets and no problem is too big to handle. Each Rotarian believes in perseverance and this is the reason we have been able to strive through some of the toughest situations.


    Rotary members work throughout the world to solve the most complicated and challenging problems. We continue to do so without any fear of risk and many consider this an admirable quality.


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