Herbert J. Taylor*

President’s Name Herbert J. Taylor*
Presidential Year 1954-1954
Biography CLICK HERE
Theme Six Objectives
for 1954-55:
1. glean from the past and act;
2. share with others;
3. build with Rotary’s 4-Way Test;
4. serving youth;
5. international good will; 6. good Rotarians are good citizens.
Home Town (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Convention Host/

Convention History

Chicago, IL, USA
May 29-June 2 (14,312)
Other Information
  • Author of the “Four Way Test”
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  • Also see Rotary’s Golden Jubilee
  • Ted Gifford remembers Taylor
  • Words without any action would never lead to success. The path to succeed and fulfill your desired objectives consists of an equal measure of thoughts and action. Only when this happens, will the change occur to make the world better.This ideology forms the basis of an organization like Rotary International.


    With a strong membership of more than 1.2million members worldwide, it could be one of the most well-known organizations in the world. All of them are working towards a common goal of unity and lasting change.


    From causes such as providing clean water, education and better health for mothers and children, Rotary has been doing some path breaking work. They also offer some great partnership opportunities for far reaching positive effects.


    The leaders of an organization help to move it in the right direction. They can be a perfect example to the members with their inspiring thoughts and actions. Rotary International is no exception. With an impressive list of Presidents that have led and continue to lead it, Rotary continues to work with dedication and commitment.


    One such name among its Presidents is that of Herbert Taylor. He served as the President from 1954 to 1955. His expertise and integrity made him stand out as an extraordinary leader.


    The reach that Rotary enjoys today is the result of the hard work of all its members, past and present under various able Presidents. They have performed various roles exceptionally with great success.


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