Percy Hodgson was the President of Rotary International from 1949 to 1950

Percy Hodgson Bio

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This statement speaks volumes about the kind of person Percy Hodgson was and the value he brought to the organization. He made full use of his abilities and skills in every role that he took up and excelled in them. His hard work and dedication were a source of inspiration to all those around him. This is one of the reasons why even so many years after his death his legacy remains.


Percy Hodgson was the President of Rotary International from 1949 to 1950. He believed that mere words would never be enough to spread Rotary’s message of lasting change in the world.


Rotary was in his heart and he expected the same level of commitment from fellow Rotarians. He knew that nothing could match up to solid action and he always encouraged everyone to work towards fulfilling the goals of Rotary.


It is these qualities of leaders like Hodgson and other Presidents that Rotary has been able to make great progress towards the mission of a better world. Due to its strength of more than a million members worldwide, Rotary is a perfect example of a truly international organization. As it continues supporting projects around the world, its reach only continues to spread far and wide.


Rotary has identified six main areas that need special focus in order to better the lives of people and the world we live in. One among them is the cause of fighting disease.


The field of healthcare has various sectors, which require special attention. Whether it is the eradication of polio or combating a deadly disease like AIDS, Rotary is working tirelessly to change the current scenario. They undertake projects right from the community level to around the globe. They also focus on education and the right training, which makes it possible to stop the life threatening disease from spreading.


Millions of people are struggling to get access to basic healthcare facilities and Rotary aims to change that statistic. Having an infrastructure where various agencies like governments, doctors, and patients come and work together is essential.


Health is an asset that must be taken care of and valued. Those who are fortunate to be blessed with good health must work towards maintaining it that way.


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Coming back to Percy Hodgson, he was someone who was able to achieve his goals through sheer determination. His self-belief led him to great heights.