Rotary International has been in existence for more than a century

Rotary International has been in existence for more than a century. Since then it has been working tirelessly to address the various challenges that the world faces today. Its reach has spread all across the globe all thanks to the vision of the man who was responsible for founding the organization.


Paul Harris formed the Rotary Club in 1905. His aim was to create a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and forge friendships irrespective of the diverse backgrounds they belong to. He also wished that this platform contributed to bringing about positive changes in the community. The success of his mission is evident in the massive reach of the Rotary International today and its causes.


After Paul Harris, his successor was Glenn Mead. Russell Greiner was the third president of Rotary International and like his predecessors contributed significantly to the movement. His dedication continues to be a source of inspiration to young Rotarians.


When the leadership of an organization has the right skills and qualities, it can shape the culture and ensure maximum productivity. A leader is required to have numerous important traits, which directly affect the organization, its work environment, and workforce.


Some of these traits include intelligence and excellent communication skills. These are necessary to express the ideas in a precise manner to achieve the desired results. A leader must also have vision and foresight. This will enable them to find appropriate solutions to the objectives one wishes to fulfill in the future.


Having confidence and responsibility is not only essential for the leader. When these qualities are visible it will automatically make the leaders seem trustworthy to the people around. In addition, it will aid in bringing out these very qualities in their individual personalities.


Care must also be taken to stay connected and having a humanist approach to solving problems. This has a positive effort on the working environment and improves efficiency.


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