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Paul Harris at age 15 in Wallingford, VermontPaul Harris at 43, on the cover of the National Rotarian in 1911Paul Harris in his 50's as president emeritus of Rotary International

1910 Paul P. Harris

President’s Name Paul P. Harris*

The Founder of Rotary International

Presidential Years 1910 to 1912 (gateway to all Harris documents)
Home Town
Wallingford, Vermont (Childhood Home)The success of an organization depends on a large extent on its leaders. They are the role models for the rest of the organization and have a huge influence on them.


The role of leadership helps to achieve the various goals of an organization and its individuals. With great initiatives and motivation, good leaders are able to guide people at different levels so that they can work at their optimum potential.


Having a healthy work environment at work works as the right morale booster to achieve the desired results.Leaders with the right qualities and skills are able to coordinate with all the various resources for the best outcome.


Just as there are numerous organizations, there are an equally distinct number of leaders with each of them having their own style of leadership. While some people are born with certain inherent leadership skills, others might need to work on their personality to develop these.


Among the essential skills to be a good leader at any level are communication and management skills. It is important for leaders to work on both these skills consistently so that they can be used to their advantage. A good understanding of elements such as teamwork can help to inspire others and build trust among them.


Another important factor for a leader is to always remember to work without an ego and be aware that learning is a constant process.  Working with a diverse group of people can be tough, but that is where the skills of an effective leader are displayed.


Rotary International is an organization involved in numerous noble causes around the world. It believes in the creation of the world where people from all over the globe can join and connect in the aim of making it better.  Such an exchange of ideas leads to friendship and fosters mutual respect about each other countries and cultures.


Right from addressing important issues at the community level to taking it to a global platform, Rotary has been striving with integrity and passion. The credit for this also goes to its able leaders who have guided and helped to shape the organization into what it is today.


The founder of Rotary International was Paul P. Harris and he was its first President for the duration from 1910 to 1912. After practicing law successfully for around forty years, his aim was to form a social organization for the benefit of local professionals. His hard work and dedication to the organization earned him numerous awards.


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