Rotary’s Power for World Peace and “The Greatest Invention”

Rotary’s Power for World Peace and “The Greatest Invention”
 Paul Harris on page 258 of “My Road to Rotary” discusses Rotary’s power for world peace. What did Rotary do that received the attention of the U.S. Department of State prior to 1945?He also writes about Charles Steinmetz, the inventor of alternating electricity.

“The late Charles Steinmetz, wizard of mathematics and the world�s foremost electrical engineer, was once asked by Roger Babson to state what line of research such as radio, aeronautics, power transmission, etc., in his estimation promised most for humanity. His answer was that the greatest promise was not in any coming invention but in spiritual forces, the greatest power in the development of men.

Ever since their existence, the quest of human beings for knowledge and improvement continues. It is this very quality that has led to huge progress and development in every imaginable sphere of life.


Be it science, technology, arts, or any other fields, there is a great curiosity to learn more and create new things, which are better than before. Among several other things, the quest for great health is an ongoing process for most humans. After all, almost everyone would want to live a long, healthy and disease free life. However, this task is easier said than done.


Our lives today are far more stressed than those of previous generations. The world is moving at such a fast pace that it seems difficult to keep up with its pace at times. In such a situation, the issue of health takes a backseat and unfortunately, this has far reaching consequences.


In order to be successful people work harder to fulfill all their dreams and objectives. As age catches up, the struggle gets more difficult. This is when the effects of neglecting health during youth tend to become more evident.


It is very important to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a perfect balance of the three main components of food, rest, and exercise. This can have a huge impact in the prevention of various health issues and concerns in the future.


Making the right food choices is very crucial as this has a significant impact on the composition of the body. Eating natural foods that are rich in nutrients can not only make you look good but it can help you feel good too.


It is important to indulge in some form of exercise regularly. It is equally important to get adequate sleep to allow the body to rejuvenate itself. Lack of sleep can affect your mood and state of mind. This is turn would affect your performance at work and relationships with family and friends.


In spite of all their efforts, some people are overweight and suffer from obesity. A product like FitoSpray is ideal for those struggling with weight issues. It is a natural spray, which is sprayed in the mouth. It not only helps to lose the extra weight but also leaves you with a fresh breath.


Only when the body image is positive will there be a sense of confidence to face the world.One would not be conscious but pro active to meet people and create connections.

An organization like Rotary International is one such global initiative, which connects individuals who want to create a better world. They are associated with different causes such as education, better health for mothers and children, fighting disease etc.


One of their most important initiatives is that of promoting peace. This has special importance with respect to the global conditions prevalent today where violence and conflict affect millions.


Rotary works to understand the causes of conflict such as poverty, ethnic tension, inequality etc. and also how to address them by intervention. With training aimed at fostering understanding, communities are equipped with the knowledge and skills to resolve conflicts.


Another reason that leads to conflicts is an unequal distribution of resources. People wish to find happiness by obtaining material things but this is an incorrect way of thinking.

He then stated that men would eventually find that material things do not bring happiness and that when they realize that fact the world will advance more in one generation than it has in the past four. This statement by the great scientist may seem an extravagant expression but Steinmetz was not given to the use of extravagant terms. Exactitude was one of his most marked characteristics. What might spiritual forces accomplish? They might perhaps find a way to avert war. What invention could compare in value with the finding of a way to everlasting peace?”  Paul Harris, Page 260, “My Road to Rotary” 1947  [Read more of the article here, in “My Road to Rotary.”]