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1911 First National Rotarian
Edinburgh 1921
“Sixth Object” 1925
“The Founder of Rotary” 1928
Ches Perry forward to above
Tour of Europe 1928
Europe Tour 1932
Radio Address 1933
Tour of Africa 1934
“This Rotarian Age” 1935
“Peregrinations III” 1937
From “My Road to Rotary” 1947
David Nichol “The Golden Wheel”
 Articles discussing the basic values of fellowship in Rotary (and the Rotary Fellowships). For further information, please contact RGHF

RGHF is indebted to Don Higgins, who kept much of this material safe for many years and who generously offered to share it with our project.


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As of 1 July 2005, the Rotary Fellowships program belongs to a new parent entity known as Global Networking Groups. The new entity includes groups of individual Rotarians organized to focus on shared topics of interest on an international basis. Effective 1 July 2006, all existing and future fellowship groups with a service-oriented focus will be reclassified under a new category called Rotarian Action Groups, while existing and future fellowship groups focusing on fellowship of a recreational or vocational nature will remain under the designation of Rotary Fellowships. For more information, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Rotary fellowships were a combination of both services to the needy and to get to know each other through get-togethers. Though the Rotarians were aware of which fellowship group did what or could find the details on the internet, thanks to proper documentation, it was a little confusing and misleading for outsiders who were checking about rotary for the first time.

When a person from the public or an aspiring member checks the Rotary International website and reads about fellowships, they may be misleaded to think all Rotary does are get people of similar interests or profession together and let them come up with ideas or have fun and get to know each other better. While there are many socializing clubs spread across the globe, Rotary International is not on of them., hence, to avoid being misunderstood, this demarcation was necessary.

Now when a person checks the website, they will be able to know about both the service oriented fellowships as well as the recreation oriented fellowships. This gives them a fair idea as to what Rotary does exactly and how it functions. For aspiring members, who are keen on social service, to know they can meet new people and develop their social circle as well, in addition to contributing to the society, is definitely a major advantage, which will encourage them to join. Now they can know that they can bond or work over a cup of Chocolate Slim, because this organization does both and has a good balance of it.

During this period of transition, both Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups will be represented on the Rotary Fellowships pages of the RI Web site. Pending the development of a separate Rotarian Action Groups Web page, both pages will be linked through a common portal for Global Networking Groups. Please check back periodically for further updates.

Global Networking Groups currently comprise more than 90 independent Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups. Join the growing number of Rotarians who are sharing their favorite activities and professional interests through organized recreational and vocational groups in Rotary Fellowships, or explore new opportunities for international partnership in service in Rotarian Action Groups. Whether you are interested in bird watching, motorcycling, volunteer dentistry, or the fight against AIDS, Rotary�s Global Networking Groups are fantastic resources for all Rotarians to develop new friendships and to advance opportunities for service.  (Rotary International information)