Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship

PDF of RHE History 
Home Exchange is the vacation alternative where two families agree to swap homes “you stay in my house while I stay in yours.” The exchange can be as short as a weekend or several months (two to three weeks is usual).

The Rotary club understood that it is one of the best and most economic way in which families can enjoy vacations, visit different parts of the world and get a taste of the actual homes over there. It also is easy on the pockets and enhances inter personal relationships, along with bringing an internal peace and harmony within the individuals.

When talking about peace and harmony within one’s self, it is important to be in sync with nature. Sadly this has now become more and more difficult. In today’s times, there is a tremendous stress on almost everyone. Whether the stress is to meet deadlines at work, or even if it is stress at home due to various reasons. The pressure to perform often makes a person neglect their own health or resort to short cut methods to feel better.

Unfortunately, these short cut methods are only short term relief, as they will take you away from nature which will, in turn, cause only harm.

We all are aware that science and technology has made tremendous progress, so much that it has helped to bring people from all over the world closer virtually. But it has also taken away individuals away from nature.

Products like Frumusete Sanatate firmly believe that the closer you are to your base, which is nature the happier and healthier you will be. However, there are also many commercially available medical cosmetic products that claim to have naturally occurring products but in case if they contain powerful components in their active form, they will cause more harm than good.

Yet another problem of being away from nature is obesity. Obesity is slowly becoming an increasing problem. Not simply because it is not appealing aesthetically but also because obesity brings along it loads of other co-related conditions that include cardio vascular problems, high blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol, an exacerbation of diabetes mellitus and much more.

The combat with obesity is never easy, but it is possible. As one need not get into major investments or work out to the level of an athlete. Simple natural brisk walking, jogging, running, or swimming will do the trick. The only thing along with that is a balanced diet and obesity could be a thing of the past.

Regular exercise does not just bring along with it weight loss, but also a feel good factor along with it. It helps to flex the muscles which in turn become toned and appear better. It also improves the hormonal system as exercising helps the release of dopamine which is the ‘feel good’ hormone of the body. So it overall not just makes you look good but helps you feel better from within as well.

And most importantly helps you be as close to nature as possible.

It is a known fact that if you are feeling good about yourself, it will show in the form of a glow on your face and shine on your skin. It will also help you be closer to nature and be in perfect sync with it.

The Rotary Home Exchange Fellowship has encouraged this environmentally friendly, comfortable, and economical activity for over 30 years. Thousands of Rotarians have had glorious vacations and experiences from Taipei to Toronto, San Francisco to Sydney, or London to Los Angeles. International understanding has been improved the old fashioned way, one friendship at a time.