Doll Lovers Fellowship

Rotary Doll Lovers Fellowship - BRINGING WORLD CLOSER

Doll Lovers Fellowship
The Group was chartered on 24th August 2004.
While most Rotary Fellowships are based on niche groups which share a common hobby, we made “doll” an image to share culture, traditions & ethnicity across borders of the world.

It is a proven fact that adult and children both love dolls and toys. While dolls & toys are partners in growth for children they remain a popular item of nostalgia for adults to take a trip down a memory lane of their own childhood days. The most favorite collectible still remains dolls after stamps and coins.

Doll – a wonderful medium, attracts both children and adults equally, but also can be an effective tool for education.

Doll – an amazing little “human” replica, which brings in values of tolerance, acceptance, innocence, love and care.

Doll – a “silent” messenger speaking the language of its origin, culture, traditions all draped in this toy which we, human beings may not be so explicit in projecting the same.

Doll – a “god-like” simple idol of sheer Love, Care & Concern.
Let’s spread Love, Care & Concern !
Objectives of DLF

Vision of DLF
The vision of DLF is to create a forum of cultural & traditional exchange amongst the Rotarians, beyond boundaries of politics, religion & ethnicity.

Mission of DLF
The mission of the Doll Lovers Fellowship is to bring the world closer through out the Rotary World by sharing traditions, culture, history & life-styles.

Our Belief
Individually we are great, together we can be magnificent.
Objectives of DLF
� To create a platform for cross cultural sharing with a sense of respect & tolerance for all religions, traditions and cultures.
� To create an environment for Love, Care & Concern for brethren of this Universe.
� To gift the childhood memorabilia of love and innocence to our friends across nations.
� To create a Universal message of World Peace through the most wonderful medium of dolls.
� To give a worldwide momentum to our “Bring a Smile” movement for the less privileged children.

Everyone has a passion. Some of these are their love for certain things that stemmed in their childhood. They carry the love and let it grow despite them growing up into adults. Many grow up loving cars and bikes. What used to be fun time toys will become proud possessions when they earn and buy the life size version of their favorite miniatures as a kid.

While childhood fancy for cars and bikes have been accepted by the world, there is another section of people who love doll houses. No, it is not just the 8 year old girls having their pretend tea parties for their dolls, these are adults who have an eye for beautiful doll houses. Some of these houses are as tall as a full grown adult and have intricate details that can even stump a professional architect.

This love for doll houses is not as well known or well received like the love for cars, bikes or other knick knacks. Hence people are not aware of other people who share this love. This is why Rotary has a special fellowship dedicated specifically to doll house owners and lovers.

These owners need not have a pretend tea party, they can sit around sipping on their Eco Slim and discuss the various details of doll houses, where to find the parts, how to improvise, etc. This gives this special group a change to mingle, bond and eventually work together for various projects by Rotary. When people with similar interests come together, the results are impressive.

Deepak Agrawal
Doll Lovers Fellowship


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