Digital Technology Rotarians Fellowship

Digital Technology Rotarians Fellowship

The Digital Technology Rotarians Fellowship welcomes you. Ours is one of the newest International Fellowships recognized by Rotary International and it is dedicated to working on bringing the usefulness of the Internet to everybody in the world, not just the privileged few.


Digaria is the one place that can really include every district, club or special interest group right down to the last member!


Thank you, and please join us in this wonderful and exciting journey we call Digaria, we depend on the thoughtful insights and generous subscription pledges of members like you in order to make this vision possible.


This is new Blogworking magazine allows for interaction in a virtual, polite Rotarian oriented community.


This site is an example of how useful the Internet can be. It is a great way for Digarians (Digital Rotarians with profiles on this site) to keep in touch and share resources.


Digarians are people who are members of Rotary clubs, or who are members of the Family of Rotary by having been a part of various Rotary programs (Rotary Youth Exchange students, Ambassadorial Scholars, Interact, Peace Center Fellows, GSE, RYLA, etc.).

It is the world of new age science and technology. The world is coming closer to the power of the Internet. There is almost nothing that cannot be achieved with the power of the digital world.


In spite of this, the issue of poverty still remains a real problem faced by various nations. The economic disparity around the world can be heartbreaking to see. Poverty has far-reaching consequences and it greatly affects an individual and community. This, in turn, makes a difference to the economy of a nation and has an impact on its global standing.


When the economy of a nation grows, it provides its citizens plenty of opportunities for growth and empowerment. These may be in the form of employment and hence an increase in income.


Rotary International and its members have been working hard to provide solutions to poverty, which are sustainable. The Digital Technology Fellowship aims at making the most of the incredible power of the Internet. This fellowship is committed to not limit the changes to just a few but in making it accessible for all.


Many times individuals may not get the right chances and opportunities to thrive. This is important for their development. Rotary helps them by creating such chances, which is, aimed at an individual and community for their social and financial betterment.


With plenty of options, Rotary works at providing the best solutions as per the specific needs. The use of digital technology assists in fulfilling the aim of empowering local economies.


We provide loans to entrepreneurs in rural areas so that they can fulfill their desired requirements. Some examples are buying livestock, planting crops and even getting them trained in the field of sustainable farming.


There may be situations where environmental conditions may be tough such as soil erosion or the soil losing its fertility. When the required skills to tackle such problems are given, there is an increase in the crop yields and hence of the profit too.


Choosing the right information from the huge repository of the Internet, along with the correct knowledge and experience makes all the difference. The efforts are tough but the persistence of Rotary members along with a great tool to handle the physical aches and pains involved work well. Hondrocream is quick in alleviating pain and aids the joints and ligaments to regenerate. It is a completely natural product that is certified by experts and has a long lasting effect.


Some entrepreneurs may wish to become street vendors, rickshaw drivers, tailors, weavers, etc. Support is given to them in the form of the much-needed microloan and thus become independent.

Sometimes such solutions are not enough where the communities are extremely impoverished. In such cases, members apply a well-coordinated strategy in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty.


As the situation gets better, training is provided so that well-paying jobs and studying at higher financial management institutions are not out of reach. During these times activities to improve networking and advice for the purpose of business development are essential. Such resources and training are also provided.


The Rotary International with their sustained efforts and enthusiasm is using the digital world to change the real world little by little.