Rotarian Action Groups with histories are listed below… and more will be added. To include your fellowship’s history send a message at www.historycomment.org


Including your history in the books is very important when the organization is recognized and growing. When there are more clubs being added every year, it is natural for people to lose track of and eventually forget a few clubs. In order to avoid such situations, a record must be kept. These records need not be exhaustive but at the same time cannot be just the list of the club names. People accessing information will need more than just the name.

This recording will let even aspiring members to know more about each clubs and decide which club they want to be a part of and which are the clubs they can try to be a part of. When they have the option, people will be more willing to participate.

Realizing the importance of this recording, the website was created, so that everyone can access all the details from anywhere in the world. What used to be in paper and files is all digitalized now and makes it easier to access. This is similar to how digitalizing trading attracted more investors to participate in the market, thus making the stock market grow much faster and increasing the IPO prices too.

Today with automated trading platforms like Millionaire Blueprint, even those who don’t know much about binary options are participating in this trade. They can do so from their seats and need not visit a trader or learn about the market. Technology has made everything easier, more accessible and simpler for one and all. Anyone can access any details and learn more without having to step out of their homes.

Instrumental in the creation of this section is RGHF Member and past Rotary International Director John Eberhard

  • PRID John Eberhard’s Plan (PDF)
  • A Bright New Century for Rotary – A Bold new Paradigm of Service

  • Observations on the RAGs Concept – Post June 2005

  • Response to Bill Boyd’s March 2006 letter on RAGs

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Disaster Relief – A Rotarian Action Group
The Rotarians for Fighting AIDS
Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers
Rotarians for Hearing Regeneration
Rotarians Eliminating Malaria a Rotarian Action Group
The Rotarians For Mine Action
Rotarian Action Group for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness
Humanitarian Service
Paul Harris 711 Club
Polio Survivors & Associates (PSA)
Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development
Water and Sanitation

As of 1 July 2005, the Rotary Fellowships program belongs to a new parent entity known as Global Networking Groups. The new entity includes groups of individual Rotarians organized to focus on shared topics of interest on an international basis. Effective 1 July 2006, all existing and future fellowship groups with a service-oriented focus will be reclassified under a new category called Rotarian Action Groups, while existing and future fellowship groups focusing on fellowship of a recreational or vocational nature will remain under the designation of Rotary Fellowships. For more information, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

During this period of transition, both Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups will be represented on the Rotary Fellowships pages of the RI Web site. Pending the development of a separate Rotarian Action Groups Web page, both pages will be linked through a common portal for Global Networking Groups. Please check back periodically for further updates.

Global Networking Groups currently comprise more than 90 independent Rotary Fellowships and Rotarian Action Groups. Join the growing number of Rotarians who are sharing their favorite activities and professional interests through organized recreational and vocational groups in Rotary Fellowships, or explore new opportunities for international partnership in service in Rotarian Action Groups. Whether you are interested in bird watching, motorcycling, volunteer dentistry, or the fight against AIDS, Rotary’s Global Networking Groups are fantastic resources for all Rotarians to develop new friendships and to advance opportunities for service.  (Rotary International information)