Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers

Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers

The Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers was initially organized as the International Fellowship of Rotarian Dental Volunteers in the fall of 2004. In 2005, with encouragement from members of the RI Board, the bylaws were rewritten and an application resubmitted to become a Rotarian Action Group. The Action Group became one of the first to be recognized by the Board.

There are many sections of people who require many basic health care services, which are generally ignored because it is not exactly life threatening. They learn to live with minor issues and are not ready to spend money on such things. Dental care is one such venue that has never received the importance it should, from people all over the world.


When you have teeth that are not aligned properly, people ignore it as a cosmic issue and don’t think much about it. But only a dentist can point out how it really changes the shape of your jaw and face and how it can affect you as time goes by. When one has a cavity issue, they just stop eating sweets or try some remedy, what they don’t know is, a bad tooth can decay, reach the roots , then the nerves and affect you in a much bigger way.


Dental services are important despite what many people may think. Many may consider health services like cancer awareness, AIDS treatment, etc as only necessary and fit to donate for. However Rotary had a vision and decided to handle even this set back in the society, no matter how small it may have seemed.


This helped many people. People who were unaware of dental problems were shown the light, people with severe problems but no money or access to proper facilities were given it, thanks to this action group and their active participation. Not only did they collect money but brought in the required equipments too.


There are many places where a little help or improvement can change many lives but people consider it unnecessary. It is only those who are helped by the introduction of something new, know its importance and appreciate it. It takes some time for others to see the positive side and accept it is in fact necessary and what someone has contributed is indeed a worthy contribution.


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Today, less than a year later, the Rotarian Action Group of Dental Volunteers is over 200 strong, and growing daily. Its mission is to help bring together Rotarians who have a desire to provide humanitarian dental services to the world. It serves to network dental volunteers to projects, allows volunteers to report dental experiences, allows project sites to request dental equipment needed or helps others network to donate dental equipment. Of course it still remains an important group for Rotary Fellowship.

Provided by Monty Audenart, Rotary Club of Red Deer East, District 5360