The rotary club – deeply involved in many activities

The rotary club, no matter where in the world, have many aims that involve the betterment of one and all. The members always strive to spread the words of health and happiness along with friendship to everyone.

They are deeply involved in many activities that help make life better for people. One such issue is making women financially literate. As often, women are not aware of the financial situation of the house, the Rotarians encourage women to take up the financial portfolio of the house. Women in turn often suffer from lack of confidence because of poor health or neglect towards themselves.

And this is where Frumusete Sanatate comes into the picture. When health and beauty products are created, the main aim behind it is to have a healthy mind in a healthy body and for a person to be in sync with nature. As when a body is strong from outside as well as within, it naturally shows on the face in the form of attractive looks.

No doubt, the latest advances in science and technology have made it possible for people to look attractive or improve aesthetically. But no aesthetician will be able to get a person the happiness that must come from within. That will only happen when a person is close to nature. The social networking and other advances have got people closer virtually, but in the process, they have become separated from their base which is nature.

Recently there have been many signs of progress in the medical and cosmetic world that have made it possible to create products from naturally occurring substances. These products are created such that it is possible to stimulate the metabolism of the body and provide it with power and energy. However, one must beware that sometimes these products contain active components which are extremely strong and may result in side effects that might even become a permanent problem.

When we consider the modern lifestyle and the problems that come along with it, we cannot miss obesity. It has in recent past become one of the biggest problems in modern man. Not only does it affect the aesthetic appearance of a person, but their self confidence also takes a hit. Along with that, obesity also beings along with it bigger problems which include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol as well as deteriorated skin conditions etc.

To combat these problems, again one must stay as close to nature as possible. Combating obesity is possible by doing some simple physical exercises like running, jogging, walking or swimming. One need not invest in expensive machinery nor does one need to work out like an athlete. But simple natural forms of exercise will also do the trick.

As what the body needs is simple physical exertion. This exertion will help to flex all the muscles of the body and tone them into a better shape. It will also help to burn all the extra fat along with all the extra calories.

Exercising regularly makes a person feel good from within. It helps release dopamine which is a ‘feel good’ hormone. It gives the body that rush of energy and vitality that it needs the most. It also helps to eliminate the negativity that is caused due to stress.

Stress is an increasing problem which comes along with performance pressures, poor dietary habits, lack of sleep etc which invariably deteriorates a person’s health. But when one walks closer to nature, you will realize that your true happiness lies right there.

Rotarians have always aimed towards making life better

Rotarians have always aimed towards making life better for one and all. They do all that is possible to boost friendship and make everyone healthy and happy. They also have done some great work in empowering women and making women strong to shoulder important financial responsibilities as well.

Often women are extremely busy working towards achieving various goals in their personal as well as the professional life that they often do not have any time to look after themselves. This gives rise to many neglected skin conditions.

Spending long hours in the water, or wearing socks or closed shoes for long etc give rise to fungal infections in the nails and particularly in the space between the fingers and toes. As these conditions often do not cause any pain, these are most often ignored. Or at least put off till they become severe with redness, itching or other symptoms. Another condition that comes along with such problems is smelly feet that may be caused due to bacterial growth in affected areas. All of this can become extremely embarrassing for a person.

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Fishing can be a lot of fun for those who have the patience

Fishing can be a lot of fun for those who have the patience and know the rules of the game. if one wants to spend only an hour or so and get a great catch, they are only dreaming.

Rotary International is very well known for its charity work and contribution to the betterment of human lives all over the world. There are members who append more o n these projects than on themselves. Many of these members are those who can earn good money but feel their money had more value than just decorating their house or buying the most expensive car in the market.

This club is formed by a group of likeminded people and has grown ever since. This organization has only surged forward with its ideas and projects and has never stepped back. This has been possible not only because of members with money, but also because of their fellowship.

Rotary gives importance to the fellowship of its members because only when the members are friendly and comfortable with each other, will projects be carried out smoothly. Apart from just getting these members to meet up or go on a tour, we organize more specific fellowships that targets different groups.

One such fellowship is the fishing fellowship. We know there are a number of members who like to spend a day on their boat, waiting for a fish to bite. It takes a lot of time and patience to land a good catch and some of the best friendships are formed on these boats. We at rotary did not want to pass up on this opportunity, and hence this fellowship.

What we do is, we choose one of the fishing spots based on the weather and members’ suggestions, and then we hire boats and go out to fish. This is done over a weekend, so that most members can make it and need not take a day off work. Also, a weekend is a good time to bond. The members are relaxed, laid back and open to new ideas and relations.

Many new project ideas are found here and many groups are formed to carry out such projects. when you are sitting and waiting for that perfect big fish to bite the bait, it doesn’t matter whether you are sipping on a glass of Chocolate Slim or a bottle of your favorite beer, the mood is relaxed and you have nothing much to do.

These ideas and discussion is what makes Rotary unique and the members come up with new ideas and projects to make a difference to the lives of those who need it the most. Only when people discuss will they come up with useful arguments and suggestions as to what has to be done where and what could be the drawbacks. This helps us streamline our projects and reduces failure.

Each member is an experienced and distinguished member of the society, who not only have contacts but also know how the system workday and what can succeed and what can fail in the current scenario. This ensures the projects are a hit every time.

The world of medicine is making progress in leaps and bounds

The world of medicine is making progress in leaps and bounds. New technology is being developed and new products are being manufactured which is crucial in increasing the life span. This is also necessary to deal with various challenges such as unknown diseases and medical conditions.


One cannot imagine life today without the expertise of medical professionals who work tirelessly to reduce the suffering of people. They are leading tough and stressful lives but continue to dedicate their lives to the noble cause of good health. In spite of advances in technology, doctors are a vital component of the medical industry.


While medical professionals are important, their services can be of even greater help to humanity when they join an organization. With a large number of categories of medical personnel, an organization is able to utilize their potential to the maximum. One such organization is Rotary International.


With a network that spans all across the globe, we believe in the concept of service before self. This is similar to the principles that all diligent and hardworking doctors follow. Rotary International works on a number of projects in various fields such as healthcare, sanitation, education, peace, etc.


We have a fellowship exclusively for health professionals with active members around the world. Most of them include doctors, nurses, and workers in the field of healthcare and all of who are Rotarians.


Our vision is to support, promote and improve conditions all over the world. We perform volunteering work with great enthusiasm and positive spirit. Whether it is a local or international initiative in the field of healthcare, we work with a strong commitment to supporting it.


The fellowship works as a platform to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas with fellow professionals globally. This can be a great resource for all Rotarians who are connected to the profession of health as well as its allied fields.


While one cannot deny how important the role of doctors is, medicines play a vital role in ensuring the desired results from a treatment. Medicines do not just treat a disease or injury but it can also work to prevent it from occurring. Living a longer and healthier life is possible now with the advancements in the medical industry.


Old age is inevitable and so are the diseases and ailments that come along with it. During this time the wear and tear begin to show in the body as our cells degenerate with time.


There are prescription drugs available today that not only repair the damage caused to our body but also helps avoid the possibility of surgery. Conditions like arthrosis and osteochondrosis can be extremely painful and can affect the daily lifestyle of individuals. A product called Hondrocream can help reduce the pain, regenerate joints and ligaments and make a noticeable difference in a short period of time. It is also known to be effective in healing joints after an injury.


The Rotary International has a reliable and efficient human workforce. This passionate resource along with the tools such as the right equipment and medicines can help achieve their goal of stability and prosperity.

Who would not want to look beautiful

Often women suffer from a low self-esteem due to an overweight body. They tend to feel less confident and think they are no more capable of handling or looking after the financial portfolio of the house.

Who would not want to look beautiful with a slim attractive body that boosts a person’s confidence? But it is often that eating a low-calorie diet or eating the lesser quantity of food or even spending long hours at the gym working out is a difficult task. Also, the results may take very long to appear. Craving for food that is unhealthy or a personal favorite is also another cause of not being able to lose weight easily. Then how can one get back in shape?

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Soya lecithin: This helps to reduce the amount of accumulated fat in the body. And it also helps in reducing the fat that has been derived from a natural origin.

Glucomannan: This is a rich source of energy to the body. It helps in losing weight by reducing the accumulation of fat in the body. It is a naturally occurring polysaccharide that is available in the tuber of Morphophllus.

Cocoa: This is the key factor that makes this product a favorite that it is. It has a pleasing taste and makes the drink delicious. It also aids lipid catabolism and significantly reduces cell aging.

Vitamin and Mineral complex: This complex helps speed up the metabolism of fat. It is also used because it reduces the blood glucose level along with the cholesterol level in the blood.

All the ingredients are naturally occurring and help the body greatly. The total make up of the drink is such that it gives all the right nutrients that must be consumed in a meal, and so is an excellent meal replacement solution.

How can one consume Chocolate Slim?

One can shed all the extra weight while relishing the natural taste of chocolate. All you have to do is take about 220ml of skimmed milk and to it add one-two heap full of the Chocolate Slim powder, and drink it in the morning. It is an ideal breakfast replacement.

If you wish to get additional results, you can also increase the consumption to twice daily. And be ready to enjoy compliments for a rejuvenated slim body.

The Rotary has always believed in making women independent and confident

The Rotary has always believed in making women independent and confident. They try to do the same by making women financially aware and able to look after the financial portfolio of the house.

One of the chief reasons women refrain from taking up such responsibilities is because they lack confidence. And one of the key reasons for women to have a low level of confidence is their poor aesthetic appearance that is commonly caused due to increased weight.

Increased weight or obesity is like a ticking time bomb, that has some dangerous repercussions including conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions etc. In today’s date, almost everyone has a hectic lifestyle that includes stress, lack of sleep, poor dietary habits along with almost no time for exercise that results in obesity. All of this invariably results in low self-confidence, negativity, and other demons.

While it is true that in order to lose weight, one must reduce their unhealthy eating habits and exercise at the gym, there are many who either don’t want to do it or lack the will and the time to do it. In such a situation, how is it possible for one to lose weight?

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Fiber helps in adding to the roughage and bulk to the stools, it also helps in eliminating fats from the body. It also helps in giving the skin a clear and blemish free appearance as it reduces the occurrence of acne

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The Vitamin and Mineral complex provides a good source of energy that revitalizes the body and makes the body feel good.

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Investing In Good Health


In life as at work you need to devote time to the things that matter. How you prioritize your day will determine how productive your work day has been and how much you got done, which will eventually reflect on your overall performance.

Same is the case with health. It’s about what to prioritize, what you eat, how active you are and what your fitness goals are. These will determine your performance which will reflect on your health.

With the current lifestyle and abundance of processed food and quick fixes, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s healthy and what’s not. It is necessary that you pick the right foods, figure out the right exercises and keep yourself active so that you remain in good health.

Healthy doesn’t always mean a fit and toned body, although that wouldn’t be a bad thing. There are any number of healthy habits you can incorporate to ensure good health. An important aspect of being healthy is also not falling sick often.

Here’s where products like Fitobalt come in. This is an anti-parasitic tea infusion that is aimed at reducing the parasites in the body, thus keeping you in good health.

Products like these are made from natural products and so are generally free from any harmful side effects. These are herbal and the only care you need to take is to read the ingredients list to check if you have allergy to any of the core ingredients of the tea mix.

Parasites are said to be a common cause of frequent bouts of illness. Parasites can reside in your body and gradually decline your overall immunity. So, anti parasitic oral supplements are one way of flushing these parasites out of the body.

While you take this mixture, it will be more effective if it is teamed up with a fitness activity so that the muscles retain their strength. Also, an active lifestyle will boost your overall stamina which in turn will provide the necessary boost to fight small illnesses like cold, cough, body aches, etc.

How to go about prioritizing health?

i – Plan your day around it.

There’s no waffling on this. You want good health, it needs to be top of your priority list. This means, you move around your schedule to accommodate time and energy, be it with daily exercise, or careful meal planning or ideally both. Make sure no matter what you may or may not have time for, you dedicate a set number of minutes/hours to maintaining fitness and health.

ii – The right supplements

Often, we underestimate the importance of balancing the nutrients we take. If we are lacking anything in our diet, then we should consult a doctor and take the right supplements. This will aid in building immunity and promote good health.

iii – Flush out toxins

Eat right, stay active and make sure your body is cleansed off all the junk it’s been fed. Herbal teas, detox water and in general lots of water intake on a daily basis (8 to 10 glasses minimum) are good habits to incorporate into your everyday life.

Old fashioned typewriter

This is the page where our research project began. On Wednesday 11 October 2000, John M. “Jack” Selway, then a member of Rotary Club of Pueblo, CO #43, received a list of the first 50 Rotary clubs. This list was faxed to Selway by RI staff member, Joaqu�n Mej�a. It was the only list which could be found and was from an old fashioned typewriter. (seen on the left) Within a few days Selway had created a page for each club telling where they were located, when they met, maybe something about their communities. Then Founder Selway had the thought that perhaps their histories might be of some interest… From then on, volunteer Rotarians around the world worked on hundreds of projects:

Stories about all the presidents, first clubs of every country, early clubs of every continent, the philosophy of Rotary, the story of women in Rotary and the list goes on.

Within a few weeks of our founding the project became “Rotary First Fifty” with the authorized domain of still used to reach this page.

But here you can learn about the first nine years. From 1905 until 1914 — 100 Rotary clubs joined together to form this marvelous organization. By studying these clubs, you’ll find common goals, lasting values, traditions, abilities to adapt and great Rotarians.

Today the technological development is so advanced that people have the computer and various software and techniques to document everything properly. Putting such details on a webpage is the reason people all around the world know everything there is to know about Rotary. If every president of every club were to recall these details in all their important speech (as that will be the only way such details could have reached people otherwise), the audience would have eventually tuned out and lost all interest in the speech, as they would have heard this a number of times. The presidents would have been forced to repeat it for the sake of new members and the old members who have been there for years would have been the crowd that lost interest in the speech.

Now with a website carrying all the information available, one can refer to it from any part if the world. When everything goes online, it makes the world a much smaller place and easier to access. Such is the case with the stock market too.

When traders were selling stocks physically, one had to be there in person and scream on top of his lungs and buy the stocks he felt were right to invest in. then when trading went online, the entire trading scenario became more civilized and easier. It attracted more people with money, who were initially hesitant about going to such crowded places.

Now it has developed further and softwares like Fintech Ltd, remove the need for a human trader completely. This software is fully automated and makes investments on your behalf, the way you want it to. This makes it easy for everyone to invest in the stock market.

What is remarkable is that these 100 clubs are “the” original “First 100 Clubs” of Rotary. Not one of them failed. They are in five countries. They’ve weathered two world wars. Some had war in their streets and there were awful financial times. They are still here. Enjoy meeting them as we continue to discover them ourselves.

One of the objectives Rotary Global History Fellowship was to cover the history of Rotary’s early years. We chose the “First 100 Clubs” and were authorized to use, as a number during the centennial of Rotary International. For reasons satisfied by the Four Way Test, we added five clubs, all of which could have been number one-hundred. We also added eight clubs mentioned in the “1905-1948” appendix found in the first edition of “My Road to Rotary” by Paul P. Harris and published by A. Kroch and Son. The result is a study of one-hundred and thirteen clubs which cover the entire Rotary life of Rotary’s founder Paul Harris.

Rotary historians, around the world, continue to maintain and improve this archive of Rotary’s history.

1866 – The Young Women’s Christian Assoc

1866 – The Young Women’s Christian Assoc. (YWCA) founded in Boston, MAPlease, also refer to a list of “Other Women’s Milestones” from 1866 to 1920
 1868  19 April, Paul Percy Harris is born in Racine, Wisconsin to George H. and Cornelia E. Harris.


 1910  Paul becomes a founding member of the Prairie Club of Chicago. On one of the club’s early hikes a beautiful young woman from Edinburgh, Scotland points out a tear in his jacket and offers to fix it. Jean Thomson and Paul Harris were married several months later. The marriage lasts for 37 years until Paul’s death in 1947.
1910  First Rotary convention was held in Chicago, 15-17 August, with sixteen clubs in Rotary. The National Association of Rotary Clubs was formed. Paul Harris was elected president of the Association and served two terms. Chesley R. Perry began 32 years of service as Secretary, then General Secretary of Rotary from 1910-1942.


At the RI Convention in Chicago, some delegates made the first attempt at official sanction of ‘Women’s Auxiliaries. It was rejected overwhelmingly.



<style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>July 1912 – Belfast Rotarians vote to refuse membership to women</style=”font-size:>

6-9 August – 50 Clubs meet in <style=”font-size: 9pt”=”” color=”#0000FF”> Duluth </style=”font-size:>with delegates from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the organization becomes “The International Association of Rotary Clubs.” London joins the same year as the 50th club. 5,000 members. Paul Harris is named President emeritus.

At the RI Convention in Duluth, the second attempt at official sanction of ‘Women’s Auxiliaries received a cold shoulder by the 598 delegates.

Also in 1912, Paul bought Jean a large home and they named their home after a road in Edinburgh, “Comely Bank.” There they started their life long friendship garden.

1914 22-26 June and 1,288 Rotarians make the long journey to Houston, TX, USA.  Rotarian Henry Brunier of San Francisco and his wife “Ann” boarded a special train for the convention. Since Ann was the only woman on the train for most of the trip, the other Rotarians began calling her “Rotary Ann”. In Houston the Bruniers met Guy and Ann Gundaker of Philadelphia. Soon the name “Rotary Ann”  belonged to Guy’s wife as well. The term “Rotary Ann” lasted until the late 1980’s. Gundaker was RIP 1923-24.
1919 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> Paul Harris’ mother, Cornelia Bryan Harris dies in Denver, Colorado. Paul had spent very little time with his parents who never seemed to be able to keep their family together. It was Paul’s grandfather whose quiet generosity maintained his parents. Paul’s father, George, never very successful in life, is vigilant as his wife’s caretaker at the end of her life.</style=”font-size:>

Club #500 Fremont, Nebr., U.S.A.

1921 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>24 May 1921 – Mrs. Alwilda F. Harvey, wife of the then Chicago Rotary Club president, stepped into a leadership that brought fifty-nine Rotary wives together at a luncheon in the Sherman House. Then and there Alwilda became founder and president of a new organization, first called the Women of Rotary. She made a good speech, and some of it got into the records. (Neither the men or women of Chicago favoured the RotaryAnn nomenclature.) Mrs Alwilda F Harvey, wife of Club #1’s President went on to say: “Women through the ages have always practiced ‘Service Above Self’ now we have the opportunity to put the slogan into practice in serving our community”. The new movement was chartered in Illinois state as a non-profit corporation on May 22nd 1923. </style=”font-size:>


13 June 1921 – At the International Convention in Edinburgh, Rotary releases a supplement to the 1920 Proceedings written for all members, called the ‘Manual of Procedure.’ It included prohibitions on women as members of Rotary, or women�s clubs that used the Rotary name. It permitted a �Ladies� Auxiliary� for a Rotary club, however.

1923 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>15 November 1923 </style=”font-size:>– Manchester, England, produced an invitation for Rotary wives to discuss, “Proposed Formation of a Ladies Rotary Club in Manchester” The idea of a women’s Rotary Club was dropped immediately, but, under the leadership of Mrs. Oliver Golding, the wives adopted the title of Inner Wheel.
1928 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>Paul Harris’ 1928 autobiography “The Founder of Rotary” is published.November 1928 – Oklahoma City, Club 29 is responsible for the origin of the Rotary Ann auxiliary organization, after it was proposed by OKC Rotarian Virgil Browne’s wife, Maimee Lee.


1935 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>Paul and Jean Harris travel to Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Canada attending conferences, planting “Friendship Trees,” and Paul writes a statement of international philosophy from Parramatta, Australia.Paul Harris writes “This Rotarian Age” and includes his comments on women in business and women and Rotary.


1935 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>Paul Harris writes his second autobiography, “This Rotarian Age,” this time mostly about the evolution of Rotary in the first 30 years of the organization. </style=”font-size:>
1946 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>Jean Harris becomes the first Honorary Member of the Inner Wheel Club of Edinburgh.</style=”font-size:>
1947 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> 27 January – After a many years of ill health, Rotary founder Paul Harris dies (see obituary)  Following his death Jean experiences a break down.</style=”font-size:>
1947 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> </style=”font-size:>

Paul’s widow, Jean Thomson Harris, alone and childless, sold “Comely Bank” and lived in a Chicago hotel. Until 1955, she was involved in charity and philanthropy.




1949 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>The Rotary Foundation admits women as Ambassadorial Scholarships recipients.</style=”font-size:>
1950 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>18-22 June 1950 – The Rotary Club of Ahmedabad, India, proposes Enactment 50-10 to the International Convention in Detroit. It would delete the word MALE from Article III of the Standard Club Constitution. It was overwhelmingly rejected.</style=”font-size:>
1955 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> Rotary’s Golden Jubilee features a last appearance by Rotary’s “First Lady.” Following the 50th anniversary convention (1955), held in Chicago, Jean Thomson Harris returned to Edinburgh.</style=”font-size:>
1962 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>First Interact club was formed by Melbourne, Florida U.S.A. Rotary Club. In August of 1962, Jean Harris attends a small reception for the 50th anniversary of RC of Edinburgh. RI president elect Carl P. Miller was in attendance. RC of Edinburgh kept in close touch with Mrs. Harris until her death. The club maintains signs and remembrances to this day.</style=”font-size:>
1963 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>9 November 1963 – Jean Thomson Harris dies in a Nursing Home in Newington, Edinburgh, the day after her 82nd birthday.</style=”font-size:>

(See )

1964 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>June 1964 – The agenda of the Council meeting at the RI Convention in Toronto contains an enactment for the admission of women to Rotary clubs. Convention delegates vote that it be withdrawn.</style=”font-size:>
1972 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>January 1972 – The Rotary Club of Upper Manhattan, New York, USA, proposes an enactment, 72-48, to admit women to Rotary clubs to the Council on Legislation. After laughter and discussion, 72-48 is rejected.</style=”font-size:>
1977 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>January 1977 – Four enactments are proposed to the Council on Legislation that would essentially permit women members of Rotary, 77-16, 77-75, 77-70 and 77-94. Also proposed by Upper Manhattan, 77-16, which prohibited membership restrictions based on sex, was rejected. The other three were subsequently withdrawn. The Rotary Club of Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, in 77-35, proposed to allow women to become honorary members. It also was rejected.</style=”font-size:>
1977 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> 1 June 1977 – Duarte held its 25th Anniversary Celebration and introduced the three women, Mary Lou Elliott, Donna Bogart and Rosemary Freitag, as members.</style=”font-size:>
1978 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>February 1978 – Rotary International first revokes the charter of the Duarte club. The club requests a hearing. The Board then tells Duarte that it must remove women members.</style=”font-size:>

27 March 1978 – Rotary International Board of Directors officially revokes the Charter of the Duarte club. Duarte decides to continue to meet as a quasi-Rotary Club. An X was placed over the Rotary insignia, new pins were made, and the club was called: The Ex-Rotary Club of Duarte.

June 1978 – The Rotary Club of Duarte, California, files suit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

1983 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>1983 – The Duarte case finally goes to trial in. California State Judge Max Deutz refuses to reinstate the club. The Duarte club immediately appeals the decision.</style=”font-size:>
1984 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>1984, </style=”font-size:>Carl E. Swenson, Governor of District 5030, appoints Lloyd Hara as Governor�s Special Representative to a new club in the Pioneer Square and International District area of Seattle.

18 September 1984 – The Seattle-ID club was chartered with Lloyd Hara the president.

1986 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>1986 – The California State Appeals Court reverses Judge Deutz, stating that Rotary Clubs are business establishments subject to regulation under the state’s Unruh Act, which bans discrimination based on race, gender, religion or ethnic origin. Rotary International immediately appeals the case to the California Supreme Court, who refuses to hear the case.</style=”font-size:>


1986 – Rotary International appeals the decision to the U. S. Supreme Court.


31 July 1986 – The Seattle-International District club unanimously votes to admit women.


4 September 1986 – The Seattle-International District  club admits 15 women.


15 September 1986 – the Seattle-ID club hires Margaret McKeown as counsel, files a suit and seeks an injunction against RI, and announces its admission of 15 women.

1987 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>January 1987 – </style=”font-size:> The Seattle-International District  club files an Amicus brief in the Duarte case.


February 1987 – California PETs includes 310 men and one woman, Sylvia Whitlock.


4 May 1987 – The United States Supreme Court affirmed the 1986 ruling of the Court of Appeals of California in a 7 – 0 opinion.


1 July 1987 – Sylvia Whitlock begins term as the first woman club president of RI and Duarte, California.

1988 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>1988 – The Rotary International Board recognized the right of Rotary clubs in Canada to admit women.</style=”font-size:>


June 1988 – Duarte President Sylvia Whitlock and Seattle-ID President-Elect Karilyn van Soest attend the International Convention in Philadelphia.


1 July 1988 – Karilyn van Soest begins term as second woman club president of RI and president of Seattle-ID club.

1989 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>January 1989 – Council on Legislation votes to change Constitution and Bylaws of Rotary to admit women. </style=”font-size:>

1 July 1989 – Council on Legislation changes take effect, and women are officially welcomed in Rotary

1995 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> 1 July 1995 – Eight women take office as District Governors. They include Mimi Altman, RC of Deerfield, IL, Dist. 6440; Gilda Chirafisi, RC of Riverdale, NY, Dist. 7230; Janet W. Holland, RC of Mineral Wells, TX, Dist 5790; Reba F. Lovrien, RC of Albuquerque Del Norte, NM, Dist. 5520; Virginia B. Nordby, RC of Ann Arbor North, MI, Dist. 6380; Donna J. Rapp, RC of Midland Morning, MI, Dist. 6310; Anne Robertson, RC of Fulton, KY, Dist. 6710; and Olive P. Scott, RC of Cobleskill, NY, Dist. 7190.</style=”font-size:>
1997 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>1 July 1997 – PDG Gilda Chirafisi, District 7230, begins second term as woman club president of the RC of Riverdale, NY, the first woman in RI to serve as president twice.</style=”font-size:>
1998 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””>January 1998 – PDG Virginia B. Nordby becomes the first woman delegate to the Council on Legislation that met in New Delhi, India. </style=”font-size:>

June 1998 – Rotary International presents its highest honor, the Rotary Award for World Understanding (RAWU), to Dr. Catherine Hamlin.

2001 <style=”font-size: 9pt”=””> 1 July 2001 – Sylvia Whitlock, District 5030, begins second term as woman club president of the Duarte club, the second woman in RI to serve as president twice.</style=”font-size:>
2005 1 July 2005, Carolyn E. Jones, PDG District 5010, Alaska, USA becomes the first woman trustee of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
2008 1 July 2008, Catherine Noyer-Riveau, of Paris, France, Zone 11, elected to serve as the first woman on the Rotary International board.
2009 There are 187,967 female Rotarians worldwide. Sixty-three serve as district governors.

When you look at the timeline of Rotary, you will see how many women have been active members and even presidents of a number of Rotary clubs around the world. During the times when women were known only to care for their own families, these women have broken the stigma and have come forward to do good for the mankind. Inventions such as Detoxic – a formula to fight stomach parasites and other such remedies that does not require a woman to wait hand and foot on her family when they are sick, etc, has given them the freedom to come out and contribute to the society.


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