by Basil Lewis

The registered Mission Statement for this Fellowship is to unite all those Rotarians who are interested in family history and hereditary heraldry. Through our fellowship we will: � strive to exchange various ideas of genealogical research. � develop awareness of the need for open vital records to aid in family research. � help others in their research through limited local research. � establish a magazine carrying queries, news notes, book reviews, locations of genealogical records and other material to help in doing genealogical and heraldic research. � promote better understanding and good will through the interchange of genealogical backgrounds and heraldic Coats-of-Arms. Membership: All Rotarians, world-wide, who have an interest in genealogy and/or heraldry, or any other person or persons with similar interest, are invited to join our Fellowship.

Tracing family history, compiling a family tree, and even developing an heraldic shield are essentially personal and individual hobbies. So, this fellowship is not one that at present holds meetings. It does, however, aim to provide forums for discussion, interchange of information and assistance to potential genealogists through its publications and distribution of material. There are two main publications, RotaGene is produced in hard copy in the United States and sent world wide by the IGHFR Secretary and Editor, Jim High. There is a subscription and charge for this. The other is produced in RIBI by the British IGHFR

Secretary and Editor, Ken Farley. The RIBI Newsletter is largely distributed free by e-mail and deals with genealogical research involving Britain. For this reason, its mailing list is not exclusively from RIBI but contains Rotarians from other countries. Both publications are quarterly and some articles, requests for help and general information are repeated in both journals. New members, starters in either family history or heraldry are most welcome, and help can often be given to people with genealogical problems.

As the President of the International Genealogy and Heraldry Fellowship of Rotarians, I have a vested interest in making sure that all members and particularly all NEW members are made aware of all of the Rotary Fellowships. They are mentioned but not listed in “The ABC of Rotary” by Cliff Dochterman.

Genealogy is the method of tracing something down from one generation to the other. It is not just medical science that requires this kind of tracing down but businesses have heirs and the successful ones are traced back to its ancestors.

This tracking is done to understand how it all began and where. This helps in understanding how something evolved from a mere idea to a full blown business that has everyone talking about it.

Rotary International has a number of clubs under its wing today. There are numerous districts and a number of clubs under each district. Earlier it was just one club per country which grew to one per city and today? Each city has a big list of clubs.

So, today if a new member wants to understand what they are a part of and how it got to where it is today, they need to understand the history of this organization and understand how the members helped it evolve and become what it is today.

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