The Chartering of the United Nations and Rotary’s Continuing Relationship – from San Francisco to New York City

The Chartering of the United Nations and Rotary’s Continuing Relationship – from San Francisco to New York City
The charter took place at the newly constructed War Memorial complex in San Francisco General Dwight Eisenhower was later “reported” to have said that Rotary was the greatest power for peace next to the UN  The story of Rotary and the United Nations  famous British actress, keynote speaker at the 1949 RI convention, spent the post war years working for UNESCO
How did Rotary International come to be invited to assist in San Francisco and to continue the relationship with the UN?  Carlos P. Romulo – Rotary Club of Manila. Philippine Brigadier General in WWII, Ambassador of the Philippines to the US, Permanent Representative to the UN, President of the 4th session of the United Nations 1949 and Past Director of Rotary International. 2002 United Nations Day in New York City A new proposed fellowship of Rotarians devoted to the UN and Rotary

 The answer is in “My Road to Rotary” by Paul Harris.



Hear the Speech by Romulo. RealPlayer file.

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Rotary club boasts of a great history. It has evolved over the years and has become one of the greatest organizations to help the needy. It goes beyond just reaching out to those who need help to stabilize their lives and have a steady income for a better lifestyle.

When you browse through the pages here, you can see how carefully the details have been preserved and passed on for the other member and the future generation to see. This will help people understand how this organization truly came into being and how it has evolved over the years.

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