Historians who continue this project

PDG Helen B. Reisler

Historians who continue this project

 PDG Helen B. Reisler: Zone 32 Board member, Public Relations Consultant; 1st woman President 2001-2002 Rotary Club of New York (club # 6). RI ” Distinguished President” award, “1905 Society” medal for “9/11″ achievements. (Profiled in December 2002 Rotarian Magazine “Ground Zero”). 5 X recipient District #7230 Public Relations award, 3X Paul Harris Fellow. Producer of the video series “New York Rotary-A Club That Works” and the documentary “Gift of Life-A Child’s Story” both shown on Manhattan Cable T.V. Manager of the Fellowship Department November 2003. “This is the most exciting “Fellowship” project that Rotarians have ever undertaken—-by Rotarians, for Rotarians, and about Rotarians. We have been traveling on “fast forward” for so long that it’s about time we stopped to examine our “roots.” The information will most certainly give us more “club esteem” and inspire us to work together into the future with the bonds that will be strengthened between us as a result of this global project.”

When money is involved, people are never too sure as to what to do. Be it from an investor’s point of view who wants to get into binary options, either through a trader or through the online trading platforms like The Brit Method, etc, or for investing in other’s lives like how Rotary International does. One always wants to be extra careful and doubly sure they are doing the right thing and their money is getting its worth.

When you are into charitable organizations, you just donate money and just trust and be happy that your money has been put to good use. When you are in Rotary, you get to see how your money has been put to use. The money is used to equip a person with some skills that can help them fend for themselves.

When you see the results, you are tempted and encouraged to donate more and change the lives of many. For you to contribute financially on a regular basis, apart from being a Rotarian, you should also have a steady source of income. This should be the income left after all your financial commitments are met and a reasonable savings is set aside. Savings is important here, so that you can donate continuously and not stop when you are running short on money.

Here are some ideas to ensure a steady source of income:

  • Always have a financial plan set out for the month. This will be the monthly budget required to meet your basic expenses and also the other small expenses you usually incur (like a dinner, movie, etc)
  • Religiously set aside a part of your income as savings, every single month. This will come in handy when there is an unforeseen expense or help you build a steady and secured future for yourself and your family
  • Look for opportunities to earn more. Now that you have a steady income and are also saving, you can afford to take a little risk and find a job that can pay you better and help you save more
  • Look for investment opportunities. There is no point in letting all that excess money lay around waiting for an instance to be used in. keep the money invested in a number of venues, so that they can earn and help you have more income per month.

When You Invest

When you invest, be it in some property or the stock market, ensure you learn enough about the industry. This knowledge and information will enable you to take well informed decisions and such decisions are important to ensure your money is safe.

After investing, ensure you have a close watch on your investment and the market conditions. A small economic change can affect a number of industries, which can have a direct impact on your investment. Even if you are using automated software like The Brit Method, keeping an eye on the market is crucial when you are invested in the stock market. You need not know how to analyze but watch out for some news that may impact your investment.