Douglas E. Rudman:

Douglas E. Rudman: Computer Manufacturing, RC of Carrollton-Farmers Branch, Texas, D5810, President 1995-1997 Bulletin Editor (4 years), Historian (11 years,) Governor’s Aide 1997-1998, Lone Star PETs Instructor 1998, International Volunteer (3 years), District Awards: Governor’s Award 1994, Rotarian of Year 1997, Bulletin Excellence 2001, Paul Harris Fellow (3) & Benefactor. Doug was a member of our group of historians, contributing to the growing resource of Rotary Global History Fellowship. Doug served as chairman of the History section of Rotary Global History Fellowship. He was also the first and only executive vice president of the project, prior to incorporation. His efforts made much of this archived project a much more successful effort. His voluminous knowledge of Rotary’s history and relentless effort for style and substance made an immeasurable difference. His work is ever present in the pages of this archive.

“The vibrancy and viability of Rotary as the most important service club in the history of the world will not depend on membership numbers and mentions in news media. Rather, adherence to its core values will restore Rotary’s standing in the affairs of mankind, and the numbers and mentions will occur naturally. There is an old saying, ‘If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.’ Rotary IS a better mousetrap. It’s time that we started treating it that way.” Doug Rudman

There are many people who want to do more than just pity those without even the basic necessities in their daily lives. These people want to make a difference and ensure the needy have a better life forever. Giving them some money might get them dinner that week, but what comes next? More charity? Will they live on charity all their lives?

Too Much Charity

What happens to a person when they live on charity for too long?

They lose the value for money. Though they don’t have enough money, they get it for free and don’t have to work hard for it like the rest of the world. Hence they think it’s easy

They start slacking and even the small need to do something useful that was there in the beginning will vanish as there is no need to do anything. They just have to sit around and wait for the next payment to come in

They start spending it on unnecessary things. Since they have regular funds and have lost the value for money, they will start spending on unnecessary things once the basic necessities are met

The next generation might get inspired to do nothing too. They can see this is easy and they don’t have to really strive to make ends meet, hence they might just slack on their education and take the easy way out

How Rotary Makes A Difference

In order to avoid such a situation, Rotary does charity a little differently. It spends money to teach the needy some skill. It can teach a car enthusiast to change tires or do some mechanical work, so that they can get a job or set up a shop themselves. This will enable them to get a career and earn a steady income on their own.

For an educated person who is good at analysis, the money could be spent to help them learn about the stock market. Though the automated trading platforms like The Brit Method are reducing the need for traders, they are still needed. Teaching a person to analyze the stock market can make them a good investor and earn well as time goes by.

As a result, people learn to do something on their own and realize the true value of money and the importance to have a career. This gives them the much needed self confidence and makes them work rather than sit back and relax.

All Around The World

This organization has spread its arms all around the world and is making a difference to one life at a time. If it teaches a mother, she can support her entire family, rather than knock doors for charity. The children will grow up seeing a strong mother and will strive to make their lives better.

You can become a member too as there are a number of clubs all around the world. Find the district club in your area or the club in your city, approach them to start making a difference in someone’s life. This is an on-going process and will give your money greater value than precious metals.