Brief histories of the “RotarioLatinAmerica” Clubs

Brief histories of the “RotarioLatinAmerica” Clubs

Rotario Club of Sao Paulo

Rotario International Distrito

Rotary International has spread its wings all over the world. It has reached far and wide with its numerous programs and projects which aim to give people a better life. Rotary is more than just charity, it is character building, future shaping, making a person better.

What this club does is, ensure the people who are not able to fend for themselves are the ones who get support. People, who have gambled away all their money, be it in the casino or in the stock market and are left with a number of loans and big debt, get no aids or assistance from Rotary International. If you want to avoid losing all your money while trading in stocks or binary options, you can do so using HBSwiss and need not abstain from the market itself. This software is an automated trading platform which enables people of all caste, creed, and kind to invest and trade in stocks, specifically Binary options.

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With the development in technology, binary options don’t need a human trader, it can be done by the touch of a button through the automated software, which makes everything much easier. For those who have invested in the stock market and suffered a major loss, you need not seek help from Rotary International to help you earn back the lost money. You can invest in binary options and with the help of the software, you can win large sums of profit.

Armando de Arruda Pereira, of Sao Paulo, was president of Rotary International in 1940.

Paul and Jean Harris in Sao Paulo (Mid 1930’s)