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The Rotary Foundation partially subsidizes international conferences to examine the role civil society can play in the achievement of peace. A 1997 Rotary peace forum in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina encouraged the continued status of Antarctica as a continent for all people, stressing the importance of peaceful, non-political international collaboration in Antarctica

The Rotary International has not left any corner of the world untouched. It has spread its wings wide and far and has made it a point to reach out to all those needy people even in the far corner of earth. This has been possible by the various clubs that exist in various parts of the world. It is not just this club of Antarctica, but the clubs around this area will also contribute towards projects undertaken in this place.

Though Antarctica has been considered as one corner of the earth, it is everything rest of the world has. Be it Rotary clubs, charity organizations, a night life or even stock trading. The Antarctica stock market can be followed online, no matter where you are sitting.

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Rotary Club Marambio Base in Antarctica

It is the first of only two Rotary Club in the Antarctic continent, and was founded on May 13, 1997 by the then President of Rotary International, Luis Vicente Giay.

The Club currently consists of members of the permanent contingent of the Marambio base in Antarctica of the Argentine Air Force. They live all year under the harsh climate prevailing in the area to provide support for various missions and international scientific collaboration with other Argentine Antarctic bases and also for bases of other countries.On the left, President of RI 1996-1997 Luis V. Giay, inaugurating the monolith, conducted by the Arch. Losi Hector (1931-2003) of Rotary Club of Villa Urquiza, with the plaque. Inside a tube was inserted a written message about peace, to be withdrawn and to be read at the 2005 Chicago Convention.

When travelling near the South Pole consider dropping in one of the two Rotary Clubs in Antarctica. The 20 member Rotary Club of base Antarctica Esperanza was chartered in November 2005, and the 9-member Rotary Club of base Marambio – Antarctica was chartered in May 1997.
Both are Spanish speaking clubs that meet Wednesday evenings.

This English translation by Google, was extracted from the District 4890 Web Site (11 August 2008)