President Hill’s convention page

Everett W. Hill, 1924-25

(later moved to Polson, Montana USA)

 Club 29 has been serving others for ninety years. Oklahoma City boasted a population of only 50,000 when, in 1909, a group of businessmen organized a club with membership made up of representatives of different businesses and professions. The club took the name “Iron Cross Club.”

Lee B. Mettler, President of the Kansas City Rotary Club, visited the club in November 1910. He was struck by the similarity in the membership of Rotary with the Oklahoma City group and proposed the Oklahoma City group join the Rotary association of clubs being formed. They filed for admission to the National Association of Rotary Clubs of America on November 22, 1910.

The Oklahoma City group was accepted by Rotary and a charter was issued naming the group the 29th club in Rotary as of November 7, 1911.

This is how great minds come together. Sometimes what we have in front of us may not be completely unique. We may find it to be that way, because we are not aware of something similar existing elsewhere. Only when you go around and see for yourself, will you realize the similarities and accept similar minds exist around you.

Trading has long been regarded risky. This is because you are investing your hard earned money into some stock options, which you have no control over. The government can change the rules over night or come up with a new bill and it can change the way you money moves in the stock market and eventually affect your savings and plans too. Hence many people stay away from it.

Another important reason behind why people don’t easily get into investing in stocks is the amount of analysis and readings that is involved. It is not easy to assess the market unless you are well versed with it. Hence people have to go to a physical trader and sit and discuss their needs and expectations. This trader will have to be completely trusted to do you good and help you increase your earnings. For some people, this trust is difficult.

The situation is not very different from hailing a cab on the road. When you have your own vehicle, you drive it but have to go with the blind trust that people on the roads will follow the rules properly, else it will result in an accident that could be fatal. But you are behind the wheel and you have some control over it,. This is the case if you were to invest in the market directly.

However, when you hail a cab, you are simply going by the fact that he is a licensed driver and has the permission to drive a cab and hence will follow all the rules carefully and you are in safe hands. Some people don’t even bother to look at the road or the speed in which the vehicle is moving in. it is blind trust and faith at work here. One is ready to trust their lives with a stranger just because they have a license, but is not ready to do so with their money.

However, such reluctant people will be willing to trust a software that has been created by a human because all the calculations are made by the software and removes the need for human interference when the investments are made. When your needs and expectations are fed into this software, it makes all the investment moves for you instead of a human trader. Many people will be comfortable with the trading software like Fintech Ltd, etc because they don’t have to depend on a human trader or even know much about the market. They can invest their money from anywhere in the world and the software will take care of the rest.

Though it has been developed by a trader who has been in the stock market for years and has used his experience and knowledge to build this software, many will be comfortable using this App to going to the trader himself.

 District 17 Conference – 1919 with a cover photo of “Black Jack” Pershing (courtesy Wolfgang Ziegler collection)

 Included in the guest list, the RI president, Governors of Kansas & Oklahoma and Secretary Ches Perry

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