Rotary Club of Duluth 25

Brief histories of the “First 100” Clubs

Rotary Club of Duluth 25

Rotary International District 5580


Rotary Became International at the
1912 Rotary Convention in


Rotary held its Third Annual Convention in Duluth in 1912. At that time, the Constitution was revised, changing the Rotary name from the National Association of Rotary Clubs to the International Association of Rotary Clubs.

Thus in 1912, Rotary became international and was comprised of 46 U.S. clubs and clubs in Winnipeg, Canada; London, England; and Belfast and Dublin, Ireland� 50 clubs in all.

Two members of Rotary Club of Duluth have served as directors of Rotary International:


1911-1913����Edward J. Filiatrault
1913-1914������Frank E. Randall



Duluth Rotarians Helped Design the Rotary Wheel,
the Emblem of Rotary

The first Rotarians chose a buggy wheel as their emblem. Within a few years there were as many designs as there were clubs.

National headquarters invited clubs to submit a new design. At the 1912 Convention in Duluth the gear wheel in royal blue and gold was adopted as Rotary�s official emblem. But even it was to survive for only eight years.

This is the case in most situations. When something new is started and history is created, it is not easy. it never happens over night. Apart from the time and effort taken to initialize rotary, many changes had to be made in the due course to make it what it is today. This constant evolvement is what keeps it alive and improves it with time. As time changes, the concepts, aims and goals should change too, only then will people continue being part of such an organization. Else, it will remain only in the books and soon be forgotten.

When you invest in the stocks, one does not really remember how some stocks soared and just vanished after a while. Unless he is a trader, he does not have the need to remember it. The stocks that were volatile and still continue to draw investments are the ones people will remember and go in for their investment. When it is a human trader, he will be required to calculate based on the historical movements of both the stocks and the market itself. sometimes, it can lead to errors or wrong judgments. However, when it is all fed into a software and the entire process is automated like with Fintech Ltd, the room for human error or miscalculating is removed.

But this doesn’t come easy either. It was developed by Daniel Roberts who has been a trader and is well experienced in the stock market. When such experienced people develop something, it is more trustworthy than what is created by people out of just an idea or vision. This is because the experience people will know what will work and what won’t just like with Rotary’s official emblem.

Engineers complained that wheel was as designed mechanically unsound and could do no work. So a two man committee, Rotarians Oscar Bjorge and Charles H. Macintosh of Chicago (a former Duluth Rotarian), was appointed to make the necessary corrections. Their design was adopted and announced in 1920, and has been used through the years� with one exception. Because a gear wheel without a keyway is only an idler incapable of transmitting power to or from a shaft, the keyway was added in 1923. The power, thus applied, has kept the wheel of Rotary turning ever since.

 See Rotary’s 3rd Convention

 Duluth Women’s Rotary Club in 1911

See our delegation at Rotary’s 2nd convention in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1911. A rare, early Rotary Global History photo.  Edward J. Filiatrault, one of the club’s charter members, and the only representative sent to Portland in 1911, landed the 1912 Convention for Duluth. He became Duluth’s 2nd President, and was 

President during the 1912 Duluth Convention.