Rotary Club of Minneapolis 9 1910

Brief histories of the “First 100” Clubs

Rotary Club of Minneapolis 9 1910

Rotary International District 5950

Rotary Global History Fellowship Day award February 2010

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Know This

When you are investing in mutual funds, one must be aware of the following:

The Fund House

The fund house that offers the mutual fund can do so only after getting proper approvals and permissions from the body of authority. However, it is the duty of the investor to conduct a research about the fund house itself, to know more about their credentials and how they operate. This will enable you to make a well informed decision.

Team’s Experience

The experience of your fund management team is crucial. You are trusting this team with your hard earned money and the only rational thing to do is to research and get to know about these people before you hand over your money. Never hand over your money just because someone asked you to.

System Followed

Get to know more about the system followed by the fund house. Only of the investment process is well established, will the fund house work smoothly. Getting to know what are the procedures and systems in place will help you take a wise decision when deciding on which funds to invest in.


Every scheme has an objective, no matter what category it belongs to. It is this objective which determines where this fund house invests in. based on the level of risk you are willing to take and the period for which you are ready to invest, the funds have to be selected.


Every fund house has its own style of investing. Observe the fund house you are considering, understand their style of investment to decide if it will suit your needs. The investments will be made based on the level of risk you are willing to take and the market. Read through  the offer document carefully before you go ahead and invest.