RGHF Member and RI 2007/08 President Wilf Wilkinson

Greetings, I would like to thank all who have been involved in this important work of providing encouragement and information to Rotarians and their Clubs. In my opinion, in this electronic age, this is a very valuable resource. I offer my congratulations and sincere appreciation to all who have been involved and I urge you to keep up your good work. Sincerely, Wilf Wilkinson, President 2007/08  (President Wilf is an RGHF Member)

Membership is only $30.00 USD per Rotary year or $120 USD for five years. Membership is open to Active and Senior Active Rotarians, Spouses, and Rotaractors worldwide. Contributions of $100 USD or more will be acknowledged on our website.

We are grateful to those forward thinking friends who see the value of preserving our history and who are assisting us with their skills and financial contributions. Dues and other contributions from members are used to pay internet, convention, expansion, and other membership related costs.

It requires such forward thinking people to make a difference to the world. One can go on with life as it is and not make even the smallest change. He may think of himself to be content, but where is the improvement? What has he changed for being here? There are a few people who think why not and make the changes. It is because of such thinking that we have something new and inspiring, every now and then.

This organization has given all its members and the other a chance to serve other humans – a chance to think beyond oneself. Though this was started in a small way, there are more people who are warming up to this concept and are using this opportunity to help those who need it the most.

How many of us have really given much thought to those who are in need and don’t have even the basic necessities, while we enjoy luxuries? It takes a visionary and his relentless hard work to come up with something like this where everyone is given a platform to help the needy. Only when every part of your country is developed will you have a wholly developed country. what is the point in one part of the city having state of the art lifestyle while the other part is still backwards and does not have even the basic amenities?

In order to improve this situation funds are needed and no matter how big a person thinks, he will not be ready to step forward and do all this by himself. When it is a group of likeminded people, they not only pool in the money but will also go about the development and changing process meticulously, in an organized manner.

In order to be a part of this group and to contribute this way, one has to have a little surplus income in addition to knowing when he has funds to spare. When you have enough income, rather than letting it sit around invest it where it will get you good returns. One can invest in a number of venues and stocks is something people are increasingly going for today.

But do you know anything about the stock market and how it functions? Yes, you can always learn, but do you have the time and knowledge base to grasp everything that is happening currently? Will you be able to take investment decisions on your own? These are some of the questions that stop many from entering this market.

While one can always go in for a trader or a trading company, it will require you to interact with other humans. You will have to get an appointment, your trader should be reachable, must be available when something major happens in the market, etc. when you start using a fully automated software like Fintech Limited for your investments, it removes the himan interaction completely as the machine does everything for you.

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