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TheRole Of Robots In Trading


The popularity of automated trading robots has seen an increase in the past few years. In fact, they seem to be getting more popular in spite of no real assured guarantees or returns when using them.

Robots have helped make life much simpler and there are many fields where one cannot imagine life without them. Though trading is a relatively new field where robots have made their presence felt, it definitely seems like they are going to be around for a long time.

What are FOREX robots?

FOREX robots are automated systems that are used in place of humans to enter trade orders. The biggest role to play in the skill or success of a trading robot is that of its creator.

The returns of the trades are generated depending on the mathematical rules, which the creators decide. It follows a pre-programmed routine. It does not adapt, change or revise according to the changing market conditions. Depending on the technical analysis, the robots are programmed to execute the commands.

Things to keep in mind:

It is not uncommon to find companies such as HBSwiss claiming that their system would give you the best trading results. To know more, read the complete HB Swiss review here. While certain claims might not be entirely false, there are some important points to keep in mind before using these robots.

  • Most of the robots have not been tested in real market conditions. Hence they might not be fully equipped with issues not related to trading. Some examples of such issues are problems at the broker end or any connectivity issues.

Though the robots are tested using historical data, it does not give them an adequate amount of preparation to survive the trying market conditions.

  • The biggest disadvantage would be its lack of flexibility to adapt to the current market scenario. It will run according to the program rules irrespective of other factors. This is not desirable in a fluctuating market.
  • How effective a trading robot is would depend on the intelligence of its creator. One would never know how intelligent or effective the trading methods of the creator are. This would be a huge risk since they would be dealing with your precious money.


For those who trade actively, it is natural to have the curiosity and temptation to use the services of a trading robot. With the number of choices available and with each solution advertised as the best software, the decision becomes more difficult.

Whether one chooses to use robots or not would be a matter of personal preference and fulfilling the specific trading objectives. It is imperative to understand and have all the necessary information before using any trading robot.

Making Money In Binary Options



To say that trading options are lucrative would be an understatement to its popularity. It may seem like the best option for trading as it is simple and offers huge payout possibilities. However, it is important to remember that like all forms of trading, it does have a risk factor involved.

Let us look at some essential rules to keep in mind so that your trading experience is profitable.

Tips to keep in mind:


  1. Asset selection:

The categories on which the trades are placed are called assets. Choosing the right asset can be crucial to trading success. Assets can be divided into four categories: stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. Most of the brokers support trading in all these categories.

Each of these economic resources is created differently. Hence it best to have a basic understanding of them to choose the one suited to your needs. For example, those traders looking for long-term reliability can choose commodities, as they are a good bet. Currencies can work for both long and short-term objectives.

Another advantage is that trading in all these assets will help to have a diverse portfolio.

  1. Selecting a strategy:

While trading relies on luck to a large extent, it is equally vital to have the right strategy in place. All traders who consider binary options trading and make money in it cannot do so without having a strategy. Their focus is making money in the long run.

There are various resources one could use to find a strategy that will work depending on whether they are a beginner or an experienced trader.

Usually, a strategy with a high-risk factor will ensure higher profits. It is recommended that beginners must avoid such strategies. Instead, they must start with more reliable trading strategies.

  1. Auto trading options:

There are various aspects of binary options trading to learn about such as strategies, understanding reports, following financial news, etc. Hence many traders make use of auto trading robots to make the process of trading simpler.

Auto trading robots also assure traders of high success rates and a trader need not spend time analyzing the various aspects.

One such example of a binary trading robot is Fintech Limited. It helps to make trading comfortable and efficient while reducing its risks significantly. It has an easy to use interface and does not have any download requirements.




Trading in binary options involves predicting the movement of pricing correctly. It is beneficial if the process of trade execution is kept as easy as possible.

A demo account can be a helpful tool to learn and test strategies without any real risk to the investment. Since demo accounts are so useful seasoned traders use them extensively as well.

Keep these rules in mind to increase your chances of trading profitably.

Everyone has and wants more money. This is one commodity that keeps appreciating in value and one doesn’t seem to be happy with what they have. They always want more and they look for ways and means to increase their earnings on a regular basis.

There are number of ways one can earn money. But what do you do with that money apart from spending? Just let it sit in the bank and accumulate interest? Well, that can be a safe way to appreciate the value of your money but there are other ways to increase your earnings too.

One can invest in a number of venues and earn a lot out of these investments, if done wisely. One can invest in land, precious metals and even stocks.

Now stocks are one concept, despite being widely accepted and used, is feared. This is because the stock market is highly unpredictable and gets influenced by a number of factors. One can gauge the movement of these stocks only up to an extent and can never really tell how one small change in the government policy will affect the market. it is for this reason, it is considered risky.

Despite having high risks attached to it, it has a number of people investing in it. This is because there returns are also very high. those who have a financial background or have learnt enough about the stock market are confident enough to venture into this kind of an investment and wait for the returns.


Many, who are not well versed with the stock market, seek the help of traders who will do the investments for them. These traders are specially educated and qualified to invest other people’s money and earn good returns for them. They are not liable for any loss that the investor incurs due to some sudden change in the market. However, there are trading companies which take up part of the liability.

Companies into trading, promise their customers a fixed amount of return on an annual basis. If the promised returns are not given, the company will return the full principal amount. Some of these traders even undertake to give the promised returns. It is because of such traders people get lured into trading and start investing more as time goes.

Though these traders are well trained and watch the market like a hawk and ensure your money is well invested and earns good returns, they are known to give into impulses. Sometimes they pay off very well and sometimes it fails miserably. The traders get a percentage of the profit they make for you, hence are tempted to make rash investments at times. Though the company will ensure such rash investments are not made, human errors are not completely avoidable.

Avoid Human Error In Trading

It is to avoid such human errors, that trading is being automated. There are a number of softwares like Fintech Ltd that removes the need for a human trader. The software will take care of everything and make the investments for you.

What Can You Do With Your Money?


Money is something we cannot live without. Barter system is long gone and we need money for everything today. Every person has some financial commitments, and hence need a regular source of income to meet such expenses. Once these commitments are met, what to do with the rest? Just let it sit in the bank?

Well, yes many do that. The banks give a good rate of return for the money left with them and the money is highly secured too. But not many are happy with their money lying around idly. People want to put that money to use.

Here is what you can do with your money:


Investment is one of the best options for that excess money. When your money is well invested, it will keep earning returns and the money will keep increasing. This way even the money that is parked somewhere can increase your wealth. Some of the investment options are:

  • Property – One can buy a piece of land or a built up property. The built up property can be either a house or a building where offices can occupy space and pay you rent on a monthly basis. Now this property will ensure there is a steady flow of money into your account and prices will increase with the change in economy. When it is a house, you have a good roof over your head. If you are not living in it, you can rent it out and again get some money into your account on a monthly basis.

When you invest in land, it may not earn any returns initially but eventually some builder will want to build something on it and will either purchase it from you or build it in partnership with you, where you will own a part of the built up property.

  • Stock Market- This is another lucrative investment plan. There are a number of stock options to choose from and one need not park all their money in a single fund. You can spread your money over various stocks and ensure the risk is spread out. Stock market is volatile and the fund that performs well today may not do so tomorrow. Hence, when your investment is spread out, even if one fund performs poorly, there will be another that will perform weel, hence balancing your loss.

One can go to a trader or a trading house and get expert assistance to invest in the stock market. However, if you want to do it yourself, you can opt for online trading softwares like HBSwiss, and the likes and invest yourself. With this software, everything is automated and you need not worry about anything.


There are many people who need money. They are struggling even to have the basic necessities in life. There are many organizations that help the needy. Rotary International is one such organization which has a number of clubs spread all over the world. They aim at making the world a better place, one place at a time. Hence they undertake a number of projects and improve many areas. You can become a Rotary club member and contribute to their projects on a regular basis and this will increase the value of your money as it makes a big difference to another person.

Tips For Women To Get Financially Literate


While financial literacy is important for everyone, this is even more important for women. Unfortunately, it is not an essential factor on the agenda for most women.

Women might not be fully aware of the financial portfolio of the family. They might not have the complete information about the family’s income, assets, liabilities, expenses, etc. This Millionaire Blueprint scenario is detrimental to their future in the long term.

Helpful tips:

Here are some tips for women to get started on the path to financial literacy:

  1. Write down your expenses:

This might seem like a small step but it is an essential one. Writing down everyday expenses, no matter how small they are, would give you an accurate idea about your expenditure.

These small purchases can quickly add up to a significant portion of your monthly budget. Only when you know how much money you are spending will you be able to plan things out better.

  1. Organize the paperwork:

Being a part of the financial decisions involving your family is important. It would also involve having knowledge about the paperwork and organizing it so that it is easily accessible when required.

It is advisable to look through all the paperwork and write down all the information such as passwords etc. for quick reference in the future.

  1. Get a savings plan in place:

A savings plan is extremely crucial for everyone. Whether you are self-employed, or a stay-at-home parent, one must have a clearly defined savings plan for the future.

No matter how small the amount, start saving whatever you can as it better than no savings at all. You could start by having a goal of saving three to six months worth of expenses as an emergency fund. Once that is achieved, set both short-term and long-term goals for your saving plans.

  1. Get professional help:

For those who are just getting started and need someone to help them figure their finances, getting professional help is a good idea.

Financial advisors help and guide individuals to get a financial plan that suits their needs. They could also help you with various options and decisions that are important for financial success in the future.

  1. Education and discussions:

Financial education does not only increase knowledge but also boosts self-confidence. There are online forums where you could ask questions that you may hesitate to ask anyone else. Such communities make discussions about financial matters much easier.


It is important for women to get more involved and explore different aspects for financial success. One such option that has helped people make money is trading in binary options. Today, there are various tools and systems that make the process easy and help in reaching financial targets.

Financial literacy is something all women can and must achieve as it can empower them to shoulder the burden of financial responsibility as well.


ROOM 711 is now a Rotary SHRINE

Paul Harris 711 Club

ROOM 711 is now a Rotary SHRINE

(This page and the domain are provided by RGHF)

Where Rotary was born � February 23, 1905

The rain beat down on 127 N. Dearborn Street on November 15, 1983, as 100 Rotarians and wives crowded the 7th floor hallway of Chicago�s Unity Building. Before them was the office of mining engineer Gus Loehr: Room 711. Here on February 23, 1905, lawyer Paul Harris met with Gustave Loehr, coal dealer Sylvester Schiele, and merchant tailor Hiram Shorey to create the world�s first Rotary club. ROOM 711 is now a Rotary SHRINE Twenty-two Chicago Rotarians had formed an Illinois corporation to save Room 711 as a Rotary shrine. Illinois Governor James Thompson sent a proclamation of good wishes, and Rotarian Max Bloom scissored the ceremonial ribbon. Guests marveled at the room decorated with antiques and office equipment from the turn of the century: a roll-top desk, an early Dictaphone and check writer, a spittoon, and a Chicago Tribune dated February 23, 1905. One founding member observed that �the Paul Harris 711 Club is not a Rotary Club, but a group of Rotarians interested in preserving the cradle of Rotary. The landmark will be maintained by Rotarian support around the world.� �This room lives,� the Rotarian Magazine stated. �It�s more than wood and plaster. One can feel the presence of Rotary founders. Here, Rotarians can stand, think about our rich heritage, and say, �This is where it all began.�

Such places have a special place in not just history but our hearts and minds too. Such places are always remembered and people often reminiscence about it every time they meet. Then it goes on to become a historical reference for that group and eventually accepted by people around too.

When people began trading, it was looked up on like they were gambling their money. When the promised returns were not received, the companies were called a fraud and people thought they were getting cheated. All this continued until people started understanding the trading practices.

Once the knowledge about trading in stocks increased, people started investing their hard earned money. This money would be used to fund companies and as a return on investment they were paid part of the profits or earnings the company received.

What used to be done only by humans is not w=being done my computers. There are softwares that can help people trade, without knowing much about the stock market. you don’t have to calculate, analyze charts or read graphs. You just have to use Fintech Ltd, and your investments will be taken care of. This automated software will invest on your behalf, removing all rooms for human error or even need for a human trader.

The creator of this software is a real time trader who knows the nuances of trading. It is with this knowledge that he has created this software, so that everyone gets a chance to invest and earn more money without any additional effort.

Now back to Rotary…..



JOIN NOW!! Rotarians past and present, spouses, and lineal descendants who join the Paul Harris 711 Club understand that they are not joining a Rotary Club, but corporation devoted to preserving and maintaining the place where Rotary and the entire worldwide service club movement was born on February 23, 1905. The Paul Harris 711 Club also supports the Rotary International Archives where historic Rotary artifacts, photographs, and documents are preserved. A check for $100 U.S. funds should accompany each application for a lifetime membership and should be made payable to: Paul Harris 711 Club. The certificate of membership, souvenir key to Room 711 and lapel pin will be mailed to the address given on the application form.

Paul Harris 711 Club

� Mission Statement

The mission of the Paul Harris 711 Club is to assist in preserving the Room which is the birthplace of Rotary International and the cradle of the worldwide movement of service clubs comprised of business and professional leaders.

� Objectives

1. Foster research to keep alive the fellowship and mutual friendships created by those men who first met in Room 711 of Chicago�s Unity Building on February 23, 1905;

2. Encourage Rotarians, other service club members, and the general public to recognize and honor Rotary International and other service clubs as pioneers of community volunteerism and global humanitarianism; and

3. Advocate and promote the collection and conservation of Rotary�s history, heritage, and artifacts; and encourage similar activity by others devoted to the preservation, growth, and appreciation of the service club movement.

RGHF Member and RI 2007/08 President Wilf Wilkinson

Greetings, I would like to thank all who have been involved in this important work of providing encouragement and information to Rotarians and their Clubs. In my opinion, in this electronic age, this is a very valuable resource. I offer my congratulations and sincere appreciation to all who have been involved and I urge you to keep up your good work. Sincerely, Wilf Wilkinson, President 2007/08  (President Wilf is an RGHF Member)

Membership is only $30.00 USD per Rotary year or $120 USD for five years. Membership is open to Active and Senior Active Rotarians, Spouses, and Rotaractors worldwide. Contributions of $100 USD or more will be acknowledged on our website.

We are grateful to those forward thinking friends who see the value of preserving our history and who are assisting us with their skills and financial contributions. Dues and other contributions from members are used to pay internet, convention, expansion, and other membership related costs.

It requires such forward thinking people to make a difference to the world. One can go on with life as it is and not make even the smallest change. He may think of himself to be content, but where is the improvement? What has he changed for being here? There are a few people who think why not and make the changes. It is because of such thinking that we have something new and inspiring, every now and then.

This organization has given all its members and the other a chance to serve other humans – a chance to think beyond oneself. Though this was started in a small way, there are more people who are warming up to this concept and are using this opportunity to help those who need it the most.

How many of us have really given much thought to those who are in need and don’t have even the basic necessities, while we enjoy luxuries? It takes a visionary and his relentless hard work to come up with something like this where everyone is given a platform to help the needy. Only when every part of your country is developed will you have a wholly developed country. what is the point in one part of the city having state of the art lifestyle while the other part is still backwards and does not have even the basic amenities?

In order to improve this situation funds are needed and no matter how big a person thinks, he will not be ready to step forward and do all this by himself. When it is a group of likeminded people, they not only pool in the money but will also go about the development and changing process meticulously, in an organized manner.

In order to be a part of this group and to contribute this way, one has to have a little surplus income in addition to knowing when he has funds to spare. When you have enough income, rather than letting it sit around invest it where it will get you good returns. One can invest in a number of venues and stocks is something people are increasingly going for today.

But do you know anything about the stock market and how it functions? Yes, you can always learn, but do you have the time and knowledge base to grasp everything that is happening currently? Will you be able to take investment decisions on your own? These are some of the questions that stop many from entering this market.

While one can always go in for a trader or a trading company, it will require you to interact with other humans. You will have to get an appointment, your trader should be reachable, must be available when something major happens in the market, etc. when you start using a fully automated software like Fintech Limited for your investments, it removes the himan interaction completely as the machine does everything for you.

RGHF receives no financial support from Rotary International, we are supported by RGHF members and friends.

Those who receive our features by email are not necessarily members of RGHF.

The Founder of Rotary


At 5:12:06 A.M. on April 18, 1906, an earthquake shook the vibrant, former gold-rush community of San Francisco. The terror lasted for 40 seconds, according to the club’s history “75 Years in San Francisco.

The story of how this city picked itself up is one for the ages. Then the story of the birth of Rotary in San Francisco just two years later was momentous for tiny Rotary.

Paul P. Harris, a Chicago attorney, who started a club called “Rotary” in 1905, had worked in San Francisco in 1891. His record of that is found on page 42 of “The Founder of Rotary,” which can be read only in rarely found books or at this project.

This is how many historical events get lost and never reaches people. When someone creates something that goes down in history, it is not well recorded and is not presented well enough to reach the masses. It reaches only a selected few, while news about many trivial issues will reach far and wide.

Though this particular detail can be found in selected books, how are we to gauge how many people will get access to such books? How will we know who knows about his great works? Rotary has gained name and fame today and everyone is familiar with its concept and workings, but its history?

Recording information the right way is very important and making it accessible is even more important. This is why the companies that are part of the stock market are expected to release their data to share holders and the public. This is strictly followed by the stock market, so as to ensure the investors have access to company records, which will help them gauge the movement of the stocks. This will help an investor choose the right funds. However, were you to use the automated trading software like Fintech Ltd, etc, the software will analyze and correlate all the data and make the investments for you.

The creator of this software is also a trader and is in fact well experienced. When people who have been in the field start something, they address the problems they have faced and ensure the future users will have it simpler.

In Rotary, Harris ensured he recorded everything well.

Before starting a law practice in Chicago, Harris traveled the US and shipped out twice to Europe over a five year period. In San Francisco he worked for The San Francisco Chronicle.

In 1935, Harris recorded the historic meeting with his former Chicago friend and roommate Manuel Munoz and San Francisco Attorney Homer Wood. (See comments on page 77 “This Rotarian Age.”) Harris had asked Munoz to look for an opportunity to start a second club while he was traveling on business.

This section of our project is dedicated to the second club of Rotary, from which all the early clubs on the West Coast were born. You’ll learn the stories of their early presidents, the historic conventions, the history of the club, the founder of SF#2, and a controversy involving a few SF Rotarians.

Also see the history of Rotary Districts

Jack Selway,

Former member: Rotary Club of San Francisco #2

Chairman Emeritus and Founder

Rotary Global History

Unity Building on Dearborn Avenue, in Chicago

Room 711 was an office in the Unity Building on Dearborn Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois, USA  There a mining engineer, Gus Loehr, conducted his businesses. As far as history shows, there was never a Rotary meeting in Room 711. That is, the name Rotary did not come up at the time four men gathered in Loehr’s office on a cold winter night, Thursday, February 23rd 1905. Also Gus Loehr did not remain with the group for very long.


As you will read in Paul Harris’ 1935 book “The Founder of Rotary,” he had an idea, one he had discussed with at least two friends. However, on that Thursday evening, one of those friends and an early client, Silvester Schiele, had joined Paul for dinner.


You’ll read the story of what happened that night and how this casual meeting became an organization which changed the world, and has the potential still to bring peace to this pla

Something similar to how trading stocks changed the way people looked at money and means of earning it. Until these stocks and trading were introduced, people did not know they could raise funds from other which were not loans and can in fact allow their investors to earn as they grew. This was a win-win situation which was soon accepted and widely followed, all over the world.


Like how this room created history, there are many rooms around the world which created history in the financial world. These are the very rooms where the stock markets of each country were started.


Today one can deal with stocks from all over the world. They don’t have to restrict what their country sells, they can sit in any part of the world and buy stocks and sell it in no time, all the way across the globe. Thanks to the internet and online trading that made all this possible. What was a mere visualization was turned into reality and has taken the world by storm.


It influences the financial and business world to such an extent that the working hours also known as the trading hours decide the day’s activities for many. Many people plan their daily activities and even vacations based on the market trading hours and days. This has become like a calendar that is widely accepted and followed.


Now what used to be done by people is being done by machines. Earlier when one had to invest, they had to learn about the market, the company, compare performances, draw and analyze charts, etc. But today, it is fully automated and one can just use softwares like Fintech Ltd and invest easily.

One need not worry about calculations, knowing about the market or human error. This software makes the investments for you based on the returns and terms and conditions opted by you. this makes investing in the stock market, not only easy but also safer. All the calculations are done by the computer and one need not worry about human mood swings which may make them take rash decisions. Even if the market is performing against your wishes and anticipation, the software will do all the calculations and its move, without getting emotional about it or making mistakes.

Have you always been worried about investing in the stock market? Have you been reluctant to try your hand because you are too confident with the concepts and calculations? Let the software do it all for you, while you can sit back, relax and just watch the market. This will give you time to analyze the market as a whole and enable you to make your next investment decision.


When you have the chance to observe the market and take decisions based on that, you will be more confident when you invest your hard earned money. Though the software can do the investment moves for you, it is always better to know what is what, so that you are not taken for a ride


Now, coming back to room no 711 and Rotary –

Though the man whose office this is did not remain in the organization, nor did another guest that night, Silvester became the first president of the Chicago club and a steadfast Rotarian. Paul and Silvester were fast friends and became neighbors … even in death.


The office, Room 711, is a symbol, protected and maintained as the birthplace of Rotary.  Now, you can join Paul, Silvester, Gus, and Hiram as members of the “711 Club.”


Jack Selway, webmaster for Room 711

Founder of “Rotary Global History”

Most women would dream of having a slim body that is devoid of any excess fat

It is a firm belief among all the members of the Rotary club from all over the world that women’s literacy is an extremely important agenda. They firmly believe in empowering women and making them a part of the financial portfolio of the household. While women would definitely want to be a part of more important chores of the household, they are often affected but lack of confidence. This lack of confidence is caused due to overweight or obesity.

Most women would dream of having a slim body that is devoid of any excess fat. A slim body not just appears attractive but also helps the gastrointestinal system and better digestion of foods. It also helps to keep other conditions like cardiovascular diseases at bay.

While it is known that a balanced diet and regular exercise can help getting a slimmer and fitter body, which is seldom actually practiced. People often look out for commercially available slimming pills that are not just expensive but also fail to deliver the promised weight loss. That is often due to the mono sodium glutamate in the products. This may not always be mentioned but it plays a role in enhancing the taste of foods, but in turn not helping with weight loss.

Among all such products that are expensive as well as not effective, Eco Slim brings about a pleasant change. It is a belief among the makers of Eco Slim, which accumulation of excess fats is often caused due to the deficiency of minerals and nutrients. Eco Slim serves as an ideal solution for weight loss and dropping all those extra kilos, as it is made of natural extracts that provide the following nutrients.

Vitamin B2: It plays a key role in the normalization of all the hormones and better digestion of food.

Vitamin B6: The concentrate of the wild rose extracts is one of the best sources of Vitamin B6. This vitamin plays a key role in improving the metabolism of the body. It also helps to improve the quality of hair, skin, and nails of a person.

Vitamin B12: The main sources of vitamin B12 are shell fish, crustaceans, red meat, fishes, cereals as well as skimmed milk. This is important as it improves the absorption of food in a better way, it also increases the metabolic rate of the body that aids burning of fats.

Vitamin B5: This is derived from fat fish, cheese, mushrooms etc. it is important for better digestion of carbohydrates and fats.

Vitamin B8: This is commonly found in extracts of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, meat, grapes, dates and lemons. It helps in burning of fats and lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Taurine: Its functions are similar to that of green coffee. It is a natural diuretic and antioxidant. Its main function is to provide energy to the body and also suppress the appetite of a person. So the person feels energetic and full at all times.

Caffeine: It helps to stimulate the body and keep it active despite low-calorie intake

Succinic Acid: It helps in elimination of toxins from the body as well as prevent accumulation of fats in the body. Consuming Eco Slim is also easy as it is available in liquid form. You simply mix 20-30 drops of the liquid in water and consume it twice daily. It is advisable to keep a gap of about 12 hours between two doses.