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ROOM 711 is now a Rotary SHRINE

Paul Harris 711 Club

ROOM 711 is now a Rotary SHRINE

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Where Rotary was born � February 23, 1905

The rain beat down on 127 N. Dearborn Street on November 15, 1983, as 100 Rotarians and wives crowded the 7th floor hallway of Chicago�s Unity Building. Before them was the office of mining engineer Gus Loehr: Room 711. Here on February 23, 1905, lawyer Paul Harris met with Gustave Loehr, coal dealer Sylvester Schiele, and merchant tailor Hiram Shorey to create the world�s first Rotary club. ROOM 711 is now a Rotary SHRINE Twenty-two Chicago Rotarians had formed an Illinois corporation to save Room 711 as a Rotary shrine. Illinois Governor James Thompson sent a proclamation of good wishes, and Rotarian Max Bloom scissored the ceremonial ribbon. Guests marveled at the room decorated with antiques and office equipment from the turn of the century: a roll-top desk, an early Dictaphone and check writer, a spittoon, and a Chicago Tribune dated February 23, 1905. One founding member observed that �the Paul Harris 711 Club is not a Rotary Club, but a group of Rotarians interested in preserving the cradle of Rotary. The landmark will be maintained by Rotarian support around the world.� �This room lives,� the Rotarian Magazine stated. �It�s more than wood and plaster. One can feel the presence of Rotary founders. Here, Rotarians can stand, think about our rich heritage, and say, �This is where it all began.�

Such places have a special place in not just history but our hearts and minds too. Such places are always remembered and people often reminiscence about it every time they meet. Then it goes on to become a historical reference for that group and eventually accepted by people around too.

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Now back to Rotary…..



JOIN NOW!! Rotarians past and present, spouses, and lineal descendants who join the Paul Harris 711 Club understand that they are not joining a Rotary Club, but corporation devoted to preserving and maintaining the place where Rotary and the entire worldwide service club movement was born on February 23, 1905. The Paul Harris 711 Club also supports the Rotary International Archives where historic Rotary artifacts, photographs, and documents are preserved. A check for $100 U.S. funds should accompany each application for a lifetime membership and should be made payable to: Paul Harris 711 Club. The certificate of membership, souvenir key to Room 711 and lapel pin will be mailed to the address given on the application form.

Paul Harris 711 Club

� Mission Statement

The mission of the Paul Harris 711 Club is to assist in preserving the Room which is the birthplace of Rotary International and the cradle of the worldwide movement of service clubs comprised of business and professional leaders.

� Objectives

1. Foster research to keep alive the fellowship and mutual friendships created by those men who first met in Room 711 of Chicago�s Unity Building on February 23, 1905;

2. Encourage Rotarians, other service club members, and the general public to recognize and honor Rotary International and other service clubs as pioneers of community volunteerism and global humanitarianism; and

3. Advocate and promote the collection and conservation of Rotary�s history, heritage, and artifacts; and encourage similar activity by others devoted to the preservation, growth, and appreciation of the service club movement.

RGHF Member and RI 2007/08 President Wilf Wilkinson

Greetings, I would like to thank all who have been involved in this important work of providing encouragement and information to Rotarians and their Clubs. In my opinion, in this electronic age, this is a very valuable resource. I offer my congratulations and sincere appreciation to all who have been involved and I urge you to keep up your good work. Sincerely, Wilf Wilkinson, President 2007/08  (President Wilf is an RGHF Member)

Membership is only $30.00 USD per Rotary year or $120 USD for five years. Membership is open to Active and Senior Active Rotarians, Spouses, and Rotaractors worldwide. Contributions of $100 USD or more will be acknowledged on our website.

We are grateful to those forward thinking friends who see the value of preserving our history and who are assisting us with their skills and financial contributions. Dues and other contributions from members are used to pay internet, convention, expansion, and other membership related costs.

It requires such forward thinking people to make a difference to the world. One can go on with life as it is and not make even the smallest change. He may think of himself to be content, but where is the improvement? What has he changed for being here? There are a few people who think why not and make the changes. It is because of such thinking that we have something new and inspiring, every now and then.

This organization has given all its members and the other a chance to serve other humans – a chance to think beyond oneself. Though this was started in a small way, there are more people who are warming up to this concept and are using this opportunity to help those who need it the most.

How many of us have really given much thought to those who are in need and don’t have even the basic necessities, while we enjoy luxuries? It takes a visionary and his relentless hard work to come up with something like this where everyone is given a platform to help the needy. Only when every part of your country is developed will you have a wholly developed country. what is the point in one part of the city having state of the art lifestyle while the other part is still backwards and does not have even the basic amenities?

In order to improve this situation funds are needed and no matter how big a person thinks, he will not be ready to step forward and do all this by himself. When it is a group of likeminded people, they not only pool in the money but will also go about the development and changing process meticulously, in an organized manner.

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RGHF receives no financial support from Rotary International, we are supported by RGHF members and friends.

Those who receive our features by email are not necessarily members of RGHF.

The Founder of Rotary


At 5:12:06 A.M. on April 18, 1906, an earthquake shook the vibrant, former gold-rush community of San Francisco. The terror lasted for 40 seconds, according to the club’s history “75 Years in San Francisco.

The story of how this city picked itself up is one for the ages. Then the story of the birth of Rotary in San Francisco just two years later was momentous for tiny Rotary.

Paul P. Harris, a Chicago attorney, who started a club called “Rotary” in 1905, had worked in San Francisco in 1891. His record of that is found on page 42 of “The Founder of Rotary,” which can be read only in rarely found books or at this project.

This is how many historical events get lost and never reaches people. When someone creates something that goes down in history, it is not well recorded and is not presented well enough to reach the masses. It reaches only a selected few, while news about many trivial issues will reach far and wide.

Though this particular detail can be found in selected books, how are we to gauge how many people will get access to such books? How will we know who knows about his great works? Rotary has gained name and fame today and everyone is familiar with its concept and workings, but its history?

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The creator of this software is also a trader and is in fact well experienced. When people who have been in the field start something, they address the problems they have faced and ensure the future users will have it simpler.

In Rotary, Harris ensured he recorded everything well.

Before starting a law practice in Chicago, Harris traveled the US and shipped out twice to Europe over a five year period. In San Francisco he worked for The San Francisco Chronicle.

In 1935, Harris recorded the historic meeting with his former Chicago friend and roommate Manuel Munoz and San Francisco Attorney Homer Wood. (See comments on page 77 “This Rotarian Age.”) Harris had asked Munoz to look for an opportunity to start a second club while he was traveling on business.

This section of our project is dedicated to the second club of Rotary, from which all the early clubs on the West Coast were born. You’ll learn the stories of their early presidents, the historic conventions, the history of the club, the founder of SF#2, and a controversy involving a few SF Rotarians.

Also see the history of Rotary Districts

Jack Selway,

Former member: Rotary Club of San Francisco #2

Chairman Emeritus and Founder

Rotary Global History

Unity Building on Dearborn Avenue, in Chicago

Room 711 was an office in the Unity Building on Dearborn Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois, USA  There a mining engineer, Gus Loehr, conducted his businesses. As far as history shows, there was never a Rotary meeting in Room 711. That is, the name Rotary did not come up at the time four men gathered in Loehr’s office on a cold winter night, Thursday, February 23rd 1905. Also Gus Loehr did not remain with the group for very long.


As you will read in Paul Harris’ 1935 book “The Founder of Rotary,” he had an idea, one he had discussed with at least two friends. However, on that Thursday evening, one of those friends and an early client, Silvester Schiele, had joined Paul for dinner.


You’ll read the story of what happened that night and how this casual meeting became an organization which changed the world, and has the potential still to bring peace to this pla

Something similar to how trading stocks changed the way people looked at money and means of earning it. Until these stocks and trading were introduced, people did not know they could raise funds from other which were not loans and can in fact allow their investors to earn as they grew. This was a win-win situation which was soon accepted and widely followed, all over the world.


Like how this room created history, there are many rooms around the world which created history in the financial world. These are the very rooms where the stock markets of each country were started.


Today one can deal with stocks from all over the world. They don’t have to restrict what their country sells, they can sit in any part of the world and buy stocks and sell it in no time, all the way across the globe. Thanks to the internet and online trading that made all this possible. What was a mere visualization was turned into reality and has taken the world by storm.


It influences the financial and business world to such an extent that the working hours also known as the trading hours decide the day’s activities for many. Many people plan their daily activities and even vacations based on the market trading hours and days. This has become like a calendar that is widely accepted and followed.


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When you have the chance to observe the market and take decisions based on that, you will be more confident when you invest your hard earned money. Though the software can do the investment moves for you, it is always better to know what is what, so that you are not taken for a ride


Now, coming back to room no 711 and Rotary –

Though the man whose office this is did not remain in the organization, nor did another guest that night, Silvester became the first president of the Chicago club and a steadfast Rotarian. Paul and Silvester were fast friends and became neighbors … even in death.


The office, Room 711, is a symbol, protected and maintained as the birthplace of Rotary.  Now, you can join Paul, Silvester, Gus, and Hiram as members of the “711 Club.”


Jack Selway, webmaster for Room 711

Founder of “Rotary Global History”

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It is a firm belief among all the members of the Rotary club from all over the world that women’s literacy is an extremely important agenda. They firmly believe in empowering women and making them a part of the financial portfolio of the household. While women would definitely want to be a part of more important chores of the household, they are often affected but lack of confidence. This lack of confidence is caused due to overweight or obesity.

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Rotary Global History Fellowship

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Donald MacRae

Canada�s International Service Visionary

From the proceedings of the 1921 convention held in Edinburgh

MacRae’s Fourth Object

Also see the Rotary Zone 22 Donald MacRae Peace AwardAlso see the RGHF “search” for the Object of Rotary


 The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of serviceThe Fourth Object of Rotary initially composed by Donald MacRae.

Past District Governor Jim Angus has recently engaged all in the Global History Project in further examining Rotarian Donald MacRae. Jim has argued with both knowledge and passion that Zone 22 covering Canada acknowledge the massive impact Donald MacRae had on the Rotary movement and introduce a  Donald MacRae Award to be given annually at the Zone Institute to an individual or association that made some significant contribution to international understanding, goodwill and peace.

Jim has compiled a brief analysis on MacRae�s life and his impact on Rotary which is reproduced below. It is pleasing to all at Rotary Global History Fellowship, that we have not ignored Donald McRae�s contribution to our movement. John Eberhard, RID Zone22 2003-2005 is currently considering Jim�s request.

Canada, Jim explains, was an obvious land in which to sow the seeds of Paul Harris�s new vision: �If any group had an understanding of how international organizations might operate, it was the Canadians with their country�s long-time membership in the British Empire, now the Commonwealth. Indeed, Canada belongs to more international organizations than any other country � The Commonwealth, Francophonie, the Group of Seven (G7), the UN and all its branches, NATO, OECD, OAS (Organization of American States) SEATO  (South East Asia Treaty Organization, APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation), WTO (World Trade Organization), NAFTA, and probably FTAA  to name a few.

Rotary International President Pete Snedocor appointed Donald MacRae, a recognized expert legal draftsman, chair of the incoming Constitution and By-laws Committee.

He was born in the tiny village of Canoe Cove on Prince Edward Island on 13 June 1872.   After graduating from high school, he worked in a clothing store for seven years.  In 1894, at the age of 22, he entered Dalhousie University on a scholarship, graduating four years later with high honours in classics and the University Medal. He next spent six years at Cornell University, teaching Greek and earning an A.M. degree in 1899 and a PhD in 1905. Between 1905 and 1909 he lectured in Greek at Princeton University. In 1909 he returned to Canada to study law at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, graduating in 1912 and being called to the bar in 1913. After practising law for one year in Toronto, he accepted an appointment as Dean of the Law School at Dalhousie University, a position he held until 1924, when he returned to Osgoode Hall as a full-time lecturer.  He retired in 1944.

To return to his Rotary activity, MacRae presented a host of constitutional amendments to the Edinburgh Convention. The most significant one, which has had the greatest long-term effect on Rotary, was a resolution adding the Fourth Object. Drafted by MacRae, himself, it was approved earlier by the Board of Directors. The wording was similar to the present wording: �To aid in the advancement of international peace and goodwill through a fellowship of business and professional men of all nations united in the Rotary Ideal of Service

It is not surprising that MacRae should propose the fourth object of Rotary which now reads: �The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional people united in the ideal of service.� He had been thinking about it for a long time.

 In an address to the International Convention in Kansas City in 1918, while World War 1 was still raging, MacRae outlined his philosophy of peace and proposed that Rotary become an agent for the promotion of goodwill and peace among nations – the first time this vision of Rotary was expressed publicly.

In the Kansas City address, MacRae spoke of three kinds of peace including the peace of primitive man (barbarism) and peace imposed by a world power (imperialism). But to him the most lasting kind of peace was what he called the  �peace of cooperation.� He defined  it as �peace founded on goodwill, on sympathy and trust, the peace of free play and fair play.�  He urged Rotarians to become involved in creating this kind of peace. �Goodwill implies sympathy and sympathy and goodwill beget trust,� he said. And then he added, �On these foundations then, on the foundation of goodwill, sympathy, and trust, to which may we not add, to make it four-square, the Rotarian spirit of service, must we believe, be erected the structure of peace.

MacRae ended his address with these remarks. �The ultimate and final security of peace is to be found in individual hearts and minds.  The spirit of goodwill, the spirit of sympathy, the spirit of trust, the spirit of service, the new sense of community of purpose, the new sense of unity of life, these are things which must have their birth and growth in the hearts and minds of individual men and women.�

MacRae mulled these sentiments over for three years as he devised a strategy whereby the service ethic of Rotary could be used to create the foundations on which international peace might be built.  His strategy was the Fourth Object of Rotary, which he, and he alone, devised. It was fortuitous that he had been appointed chair of the Constitution Committee when he was.

Before the Edinburgh Convention, the object of Rotary had been limited to domestic affairs. Other than its inclusion in the name of the organization, the word �international� did not even appear in the organization�s constitution or by-laws and not much of its literature. �Service� meant �community service;� �fellowship� implied only �club fellowship.� But MacRae�s fourth object would change all that.

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commitment to �international understanding and peace� is what distinguishes Rotary from all other service clubs. Cliff Dochterman, a recent RI president updated MacRae�s Fourth Object by explaining how Rotarians promote peace. Dochterman wrote:

It is the conviction of Rotary International that the lasting peace which the world seeks is built on friendship, tolerance, and goodwill among people. Our instruments of peace are food, education, health care, environmental improvements, respect for all persons, and many other activities we call humanitarian service.

And so The Fourth object was to become the engine that drives Rotary�s international service; it has become the watchword of the Rotary Foundation. All the marvellous international service programs in which we participate can be traced to the Fourth Object � Youth exchange, Group Study Exchange, World Community Service Projects, Scholarships, Health Hunger and Humanity Projects, matching grants, peace forums, and the magnificent PolioPlus program.

With thanks to RID 2003-2005 John Eberhard & PDG Jim Angus

 Calum Thomson, Rotary Global History Fellowship

Rotary Zone 22 Donald MacRae Peace Award

Technology has come a long way today

Everyone depends on some form of technology for their everyday life. With internet, everyone has a device on which they can access the internet. It has become a staple in every household. Gone are the days when Rotary clubs would think a number of times about what to do for a particular school or a house, that would teach them a skill good enough to support themselves and earn a good living as time goes by.

With the onset of technology and everything getting done over the computer, the biggest skill one can be taught is the computers. Anyone with a basic education can be taught to use the computer and this could help them secure a decent profession somewhere. Though higher paid jobs require more learning, the basics can be taught as a start. Those who are keen on this profession and have the talent to learn can go ahead and learn from other places.

Still wondering if teaching computers could really be a good idea? Today, even stocks are traded on the computer by the computer. It started off with people having to be physically present to buy and sell shares to one another. Then it moved on to traders sitting huddled around the computer to make the right moves at the right time as every second mattered. Within this short span of time, a trader will have to gauge the movement of the stocks, make a calculation and then make his move, for a wrong move could cost him all his money.

Now, the details and the history are all fed into the computer and the system does all the analyses and the investments are done according to the parameters fed into it. With such systems in place, one need not learn about the stock market or to analyze the various charts, to deal with stocks. One has to learn to use HBSwiss and other similar software and how to feed in the details, so that the system can make the investment moves without a hitch.

When one has such education added to his skill set, he becomes more employable as not only will companies want such a qualification, but individuals too. This software has made it possible for individuals with no knowledge about the stock market, to invest in it fruitfully. Hence if a person is taught the basic about computers and some software, he will be employable.

When one is employed, not only will he get a regular income but will also learn to be self sufficient and will also learn to manage his finances well. When the money is donated to them, people will not realize the true value and may end up spending is faster than required, in the fear of losing the opportunity to get something. However, if it is a source of income that is created for them, the self confidence will increase and they will prioritize as they know for sure that there will be an income the next month and the month after that too.


The government policies or a war can change the way even good deeds are done

This just shows how a change in the government policies or a war can change the way even good deeds are done. Rotary was not conducting some business that was against the government or any group. It was formed to help others and even that could not continue after the invasion.

If this was the case for charity, imagine how other businesses would have suffered. Businesses those days were not as big or wide spread like today. There were no stocks sold world over to get funds from investors across the world. Today stock market has grown to a great extent and gone are the days where people feared investing their hard earned money in the stock market. Today with software like HBSwiss, that automates all the investment activities for you and moves your funds as it deems fit, one can invest in the stock market without a worry.

When you have a software for everything, there is no worry about human error or favoritism. To the computer all are equal and it will treat all monies equally. There is no room for blame game when an investment goes bad. The calculations are all done by the machine and the investment decisions are taken based on the risk profile of the investor, the stock, market movement, etc.

Even those who are not well versed with the stock market but would like to invest and earn a little more, can do so with this software. When everything is automated, there is no need for you to follow the market closely or worry about the change in policies, etc. there is no need for you to read charts, calculate returns, etc. the computer will do it all and move you money into the best option available.

Since everything is recorded, there will be no cases of forgotten investment or the usual human errors. The computer will not forget how the stock market behaved when a particular company released some data or news that was crucial to the stock. This way, were some historical event to repeat itself, the software will know what to do and will compare the market behavior and take steps accordingly.

Were Rotary club an online club that did not require a physical place or person to be present in a particular country, the war or a change in the government may not affect the clubs much. The activities and charities would have continued without any interference for Rotary has funds flowing in from all over the world. If a meeting were tobe held in a proper venue which requires people to come in person, the situation around, safety, etc would have to be considered.

However, were it to be held online through a video conference or something similar, the chaos outside your house will hardly affect the meeting. The projects can be handled smoothly without any interference. The problem here is not a club shutting down due to political unrest in that country. It is the entire process of removing the club and its members from the organization and then installing everyone back as a member, forming a new club at a different location, if the same location is not available.

This is not a historical records; we hope that our members can provide us with historical information


When it comes to money, one looks for various options to make it grow. It may be for be themselves or even to donate and aid projects like the one undertaken by Rotary International. Though one has to be a member of the Rotary club to participate in its project, one need not necessarily be a trader or employ a trader to invest in the stock market. One can invest through the software HBSwiss. Here all the investment decisions are taken and all you will need to do is update as and when you want to increase your investment or move your funds to a different stock.

So, how does one invest in binary options? What are the information needed to successfully trade in these options? The details are given below:

These Binary options require you to decide whether the asset in question will move up or down. Determining if the value will go up or come down, determines the outcome of your investment. These options have an expiry date and the value of these options when they expire is what decides the outcome.

If the trader dealing with the binary option feels the value will go down by the expiry date, he will purchase a put option. On the other hand if the trader expects the value to go up, he will purchase a call option.

On the date of expiry, if the value of the option has moved upwards, all traders who have purchased a call option will get paid in full even if there is a difference in the price quoted by them and the actual price of the option.

On the other hand, if the value of the option has moved downwards, all traders who have purchased a put option will get paid. The traders who have purchased a call option will lose all the money invested.

When a trader loses all the money he invests, it is called out of the money and when he earns the money, it is called in the money. The traders usually buy a few of both options, to spread out the risk and not incur a heavy loss.

The binary options have a zero sum game as what one trader wins is what another loses. Though this is the case for all stocks that are traded on an exchange, they don’t have an expiry date and the NAV changes every day. When a person invests in stocks, it is a longer investment than the binary option.

An investor generally invests in a variety of stocks to spread the risk. If all the stocks are bought within the same industry, if the government passes a rule that has a negative impact on the industry, the investor stands to lose it all. Hence spreading the investments over various industries will enable the investor to hedge the risk.

Gathering this type of information is crucial to keep one safe and prepared, no matter what it is for. Getting to know the history and workings of Rotary can help an aspiring member to know what is really expected off them and decide if they are prepared for it.

The country of Mali borders the Sierra Desert of Africa with Algeria to the North and Mauritania to the West.
It is a poor country and a former colony of France.
The country has a population of over 20 million with limited infrastructure and public facilities, hence, many international Rotary Clubs have been involved in many and varied international service projects over the years.

There are 6 clubs in Mali, the first and oldest of which is the Rotary Club of Bamako which was chartered on 31 May 1961.
All other clubs but one are also based in Bamako.

One of the many international service projects involved the The Oregon State Rotarians and the Downtown Eugene Oregon Rotary Club which served as the lead club for the project.
Steve Savelich was the lead Rotarian from the State of Oregon and represented the Rotarians with the Rotary Club of Bamako Djoliba.
This project related to the the Hospital National du Point G Referral and Teaching Hospital of Mali, located in the capital city of Bamako.

Women are expected to maintain a perfect balance juggling their different rolesboth at home and at work

When my boss at the Kentucky New Era newspaper died,  I didn’t want to learn to work with anyone else and I needed a rest from the newspaper business.  So I stayed on the radio station until 2010 and then I retired again.


Women are expected to maintain a perfect balance juggling their different rolesboth at home and at work. Things for women are slowly changing for the better compared to a few years ago.


Earlier women were almost dormant and silent participators in the family organization. Today, they are becoming more and more active and are getting involved in a variety of social causes.


There is also an increase in the opportunities given to women in comparison to earlier.Many women have begun to recognize the vast potential hidden inside them. Society is slowly recognizing the unique capabilities of women and respects the aspirations and ambitions of women.


The life of working women can be especially tough with the high expectations of handling home and career well. Sometimes women may find themselves faced with issues at work such as gender perceptions, leadership challenges, etc. While handling all this, the one factor that naturally seems to take a backseat is their health.


Women regularly come across information about what is good for them and what is not. The challenge lies in listening to it and making the necessary changes, which they are unable to do. Most women struggle with it and may even feel guilty to put their needs before others.


Trying to take care of others and not their own health is not a great idea in the long run. Only when the health of the women is fine will they be able to take care of the others and handle the various responsibilities.


It is becoming increasingly common to come across women who are struggling with health issues. One such issue is obesity.


Obese people have a high risk for various health conditions and serious diseases. Some of them are heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. The best way to maintain an ideal weight is eating right, exercise, and adequate sleep. Those who feel like this is a long process and wish to see quicker results may resort to supplements.


However, choosing to consume supplements may have one major advantage. It can work well to lose fat, build muscle, improve focus and performance, etc. One such example of a supplement, which works to regulate weight loss, is CocoSlimmer.


It has a unique coconut taste and is a 100% natural product. It works by suppressing appetite and its composition helps to burn fat. Drinking this product fifteen minutes before breakfast would aid in weight loss and better metabolism.


There are various organizations where women have had a significant impact on its progress. Rotary International is one such example. Women have been an extremely active percentage of the total worldwide members. They are continuously putting in their best efforts to make lasting change for a better world.


Playing multiple roles and excelling at them comes naturally to most women Rotarians. Working with passion, integrity, and dedication helps these Rotariansto overcome a challenge, however big or small. They represent Rotary’s motto of Service before Self perfectly.Learning to make the most of the given opportunities may seem like a struggle to many women but it is also something that they enjoy.


Coming back to my life, As mentioned, I’d been a member of the Cadiz Rotary Club since 2000, and found it a perfect fit. It reminded me of the military, no really, it was close knit, everyone seemed to care about each other and I felt at home immediately.