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Rotary had entered Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania  from 1930 onwards and was gaining foothold when the Second World War broke out in 1939.

This World War changed the lives of just too many people and many had to start all over again. They were not only homeless but had no idea what to do with their lives. Those days, there were no stock exchanges or automated software like HBSwiss, to help one invest wisely. One only had land and houses to invest in. with the war, it was all gone.

This short article is going to try to cast some light on the faith of Rotary in Estonia and also a flick of light on Latvia and Lithuania.

In 1939 the Soviet Union wanted to secure naval garrisons in Estonia and opened talks with the Estonian Government under the leadership of President Konstantin Paets (member of the Rotary Club of Tallinn and  General John Laidoner (charter president of Rotary Club of Tallinn 1930).

The result was that Estonia was occupied in the autumn of 1939 and early 1940 and made a member of the Family of Soviet States in August 1940. ( Soviet propaganda text).

Naturally the Soviet regime was organized so that the local government was in the hands of local people but with strong ties to Moscow. President Paets was taken to Russia  never to return to his native country, but to die in a mental institution in  southern Estonia 1956.

The soviets did not look favourably at Rotary or Rotarians but they had their hands full so, that they actually did not start active persecution of Rotarians until shortly before they had to retreat in 1941 when Germany opened the Operation Barbarossa on June 22 1941 and stormed as far as the gates of Leningrad (St. Petersburg or Petrograd as it was called then) and Moscow.

The city of Peter the Great was laid under siege for 890 days and suffered terribly. It was not until January 1944 that the city was retaken by Soviet troops and the siege was lifted.

Germany occupied all the Baltic States and started a systematic campaign to remove from office any person who had been or was a member of Rotary Clubs or a Free Mason Lodge.

The operation was a result of the directive of the Ministry of the Interior (Ministerium des Inneren) of 1937 to order all Rotarians in Germany to either relinquish membership in Rotary, or their office in German state or local government or the courts..

This regulation actually resulted in the sad situation that all Rotary Clubs in Germany returned their Charters to RI on October 1937. Rotary could start again in West – Germany in 1948.

The Reichskommisar for das Ostland ( Governor of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) received a letter from the Ministry of the Interior in September 1942 with a directive to start an inquiry into how many (not German nationals or of German decent) , officials had a history of membership in Rotary or a Mason Lodge and to subsequently make sure that they left office.

Dos. II 1a 451 (439)

The follow-up was quick and is dated Oct. 5 1942.

The ministry orders the immediate departure from the clubs or lodges and also requires that no contact should be kept to former club members.

On October 29 1942 the Commander of the Security Police in Riga (Befelhaber der Sicherheitzpolizei und SD, Riga) reminds all Chiefs of the security police in Reval(Tallinn), Riga, Kauen (Kaunas), Minsk) that the matter needs immediate attention and requests a report as soon as possible.

Dos. II 1a 414 Geheim

On November 17, 1942  the Reichsicherheitshauptamt, Berlin ( Bureau for State Security)  requests that all Rotary Clubs and other organization should be allowed to terminate their activities voluntarily and that  all material such as minutes from meetings, membership rosters etc should be secured.

That letter contains a full list of Rotary Club presidents and secretaries and their addresses.



Note:  President Harald Tammer, Tallinn, was taken prisoner by the Russians and deported to Siberia (1941) Secretary Silvers in Taru, and his family was taken prisoner by the Russians and deported to Siberia

The son of Architect Vytutas Landsbergis – Zemkalnis also Vytuas Landsbergis  b. 1932 became President of Lithuania in 1990 and was in the vanguard of the Lithuanian freedom fight from the Soviet Union in the frightening period in 1990 and 1991.

Professor Puusepp was a leading specialist on brain surgery at the University of Taru (founded 1632) but had died a few months before the report was written.

Dos.IV B 3 – 500/42

On February 1 1943 the German  Security Police in Estonia   reports as follows:

Free translation: Secret

“The Rotary Club of Noemme- Tallinn was abolished by the “Bolschevists” Russians in the summer of 1940. The former club secretary Mr Johannes Toomes b. 19.08.1890 had gives the archives of the club to Notary Rudolf Tikmann b. 25.03.1890 (see above) who in turn had, for fear of the Bolscheviks, burned all the material  “.

Signed Hinze, SS-Oberstumbandfürer

A further report dated 17 February 1943, tells us that:


The Rotary Club of Tallinn, admitted to Rotary International on 2 August 1930 had some 70 members in  1941 when the Russians took the President of the club, Harald Tammer, prisoner and transported him to camps in Siberia, never to return. President Tammer was a lawyer by profession.

The report goes on to tell that the membership fee was 20 Estonian Krooni, of which half went to RI  in the US.

The Rotary Club of Tallinn had contacts with clubs in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Germany.

After the Soviet occupation in 1940 the club actually decided to terminate. The archives of the club where partly burned by the secretary Kristelstein and partly it was disposed of by the Restaurant Kuld Lövi (Golden Lion), Tallinn. So, nothing fell into the hands of the Soviets or the Nazis.

Dos IVB 2 ha/Ro 334/43 GEHEIM


Bergmann SS- Obersturmbannfürer


The archives of the Rotary Club of Tartu, fell into the hands of the Soviet occupants.

After 1941 the Rotary Clubs in Tallinn did, according to an interview ,  with Bruno Wingisaar, (veterinary medicine), not have any open activity but the members of the clubs in Tallinn used to take long walks together, for fear of the secret police and  Gestapo.

Rotarian Wingisaar managed to flee to Finland in 1943 and was a member of the Rotary Club of Mikkeli and Helsinki North-West for many years to come.

The reference material has been found in Riga ,Latvia in connection with research for an other history project and I take this opportunity to thank Rotarian, Past Club President of the Rotary Club of Tallinn, Andres Sauter for sharing a part of his findings to help me write this short article.


Kari Tallberg PDG D-1420


Women are expected to maintain a perfect balance juggling their different rolesboth at home and at work

When my boss at the Kentucky New Era newspaper died,  I didn’t want to learn to work with anyone else and I needed a rest from the newspaper business.  So I stayed on the radio station until 2010 and then I retired again.


Women are expected to maintain a perfect balance juggling their different rolesboth at home and at work. Things for women are slowly changing for the better compared to a few years ago.


Earlier women were almost dormant and silent participators in the family organization. Today, they are becoming more and more active and are getting involved in a variety of social causes.


There is also an increase in the opportunities given to women in comparison to earlier.Many women have begun to recognize the vast potential hidden inside them. Society is slowly recognizing the unique capabilities of women and respects the aspirations and ambitions of women.


The life of working women can be especially tough with the high expectations of handling home and career well. Sometimes women may find themselves faced with issues at work such as gender perceptions, leadership challenges, etc. While handling all this, the one factor that naturally seems to take a backseat is their health.


Women regularly come across information about what is good for them and what is not. The challenge lies in listening to it and making the necessary changes, which they are unable to do. Most women struggle with it and may even feel guilty to put their needs before others.


Trying to take care of others and not their own health is not a great idea in the long run. Only when the health of the women is fine will they be able to take care of the others and handle the various responsibilities.


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There are various organizations where women have had a significant impact on its progress. Rotary International is one such example. Women have been an extremely active percentage of the total worldwide members. They are continuously putting in their best efforts to make lasting change for a better world.


Playing multiple roles and excelling at them comes naturally to most women Rotarians. Working with passion, integrity, and dedication helps these Rotariansto overcome a challenge, however big or small. They represent Rotary’s motto of Service before Self perfectly.Learning to make the most of the given opportunities may seem like a struggle to many women but it is also something that they enjoy.


Coming back to my life, As mentioned, I’d been a member of the Cadiz Rotary Club since 2000, and found it a perfect fit. It reminded me of the military, no really, it was close knit, everyone seemed to care about each other and I felt at home immediately.

Rotary International has been in existence for more than a century

Rotary International has been in existence for more than a century. Since then it has been working tirelessly to address the various challenges that the world faces today. Its reach has spread all across the globe all thanks to the vision of the man who was responsible for founding the organization.


Paul Harris formed the Rotary Club in 1905. His aim was to create a platform for professionals to exchange ideas and forge friendships irrespective of the diverse backgrounds they belong to. He also wished that this platform contributed to bringing about positive changes in the community. The success of his mission is evident in the massive reach of the Rotary International today and its causes.


After Paul Harris, his successor was Glenn Mead. Russell Greiner was the third president of Rotary International and like his predecessors contributed significantly to the movement. His dedication continues to be a source of inspiration to young Rotarians.


When the leadership of an organization has the right skills and qualities, it can shape the culture and ensure maximum productivity. A leader is required to have numerous important traits, which directly affect the organization, its work environment, and workforce.


Some of these traits include intelligence and excellent communication skills. These are necessary to express the ideas in a precise manner to achieve the desired results. A leader must also have vision and foresight. This will enable them to find appropriate solutions to the objectives one wishes to fulfill in the future.


Having confidence and responsibility is not only essential for the leader. When these qualities are visible it will automatically make the leaders seem trustworthy to the people around. In addition, it will aid in bringing out these very qualities in their individual personalities.


Care must also be taken to stay connected and having a humanist approach to solving problems. This has a positive effort on the working environment and improves efficiency.


It is not uncommon to find individuals pursue career growth with an aim to lead their organization. However, this can have a serious impact on one’s health.


Working for longer hours leads to an increase in fatigue. This adversely impacts and decreases productivity. Some common symptoms faced would be irritability, a decrease in concentration, lack of sleep, etc. One would also be at a high risk of injuries and accidents due to the increased stress levels.


Eventually, long working hours and stressful working conditions lead to making unhealthy food choices and undesirable weight gain. Consuming unhealthy and processed foods greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also signals the onset of lifestyle disease such as diabetes.


Weight gain can also affect your confidence and self-esteem. It could lead to a situation where social life is further neglected.


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Learn more about the home and the grandparents who shaped his life in Wallingford

Learn more about the home and the grandparents who shaped his life in Wallingford. Then go for a virtual journey and read his own original diary.  How many positions in Rotary did Paul hold, what other organizations and honors did he belong to or receive? membership.  He wrote many books during his life time.

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He was, in fact, a gifted writer. You’ll find his entire book “The Founder of Rotary.”   Also read another out-of-print book: “This Rotarian Age,” complete online. Take a look at his office as it has been reconstructed at RI Headquarters in Evanston.  After you’ve visited Paul’s office, take a tour of the 1930 RI Headquarters.


The rotary club – deeply involved in many activities

The rotary club, no matter where in the world, have many aims that involve the betterment of one and all. The members always strive to spread the words of health and happiness along with friendship to everyone.

They are deeply involved in many activities that help make life better for people. One such issue is making women financially literate. As often, women are not aware of the financial situation of the house, the Rotarians encourage women to take up the financial portfolio of the house. Women in turn often suffer from lack of confidence because of poor health or neglect towards themselves.

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No doubt, the latest advances in science and technology have made it possible for people to look attractive or improve aesthetically. But no aesthetician will be able to get a person the happiness that must come from within. That will only happen when a person is close to nature. The social networking and other advances have got people closer virtually, but in the process, they have become separated from their base which is nature.

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When we consider the modern lifestyle and the problems that come along with it, we cannot miss obesity. It has in recent past become one of the biggest problems in modern man. Not only does it affect the aesthetic appearance of a person, but their self confidence also takes a hit. Along with that, obesity also beings along with it bigger problems which include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol as well as deteriorated skin conditions etc.

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Stress is an increasing problem which comes along with performance pressures, poor dietary habits, lack of sleep etc which invariably deteriorates a person’s health. But when one walks closer to nature, you will realize that your true happiness lies right there.

Rotarians have always aimed towards making life better

Rotarians have always aimed towards making life better for one and all. They do all that is possible to boost friendship and make everyone healthy and happy. They also have done some great work in empowering women and making women strong to shoulder important financial responsibilities as well.

Often women are extremely busy working towards achieving various goals in their personal as well as the professional life that they often do not have any time to look after themselves. This gives rise to many neglected skin conditions.

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Fishing can be a lot of fun for those who have the patience

Fishing can be a lot of fun for those who have the patience and know the rules of the game. if one wants to spend only an hour or so and get a great catch, they are only dreaming.

Rotary International is very well known for its charity work and contribution to the betterment of human lives all over the world. There are members who append more o n these projects than on themselves. Many of these members are those who can earn good money but feel their money had more value than just decorating their house or buying the most expensive car in the market.

This club is formed by a group of likeminded people and has grown ever since. This organization has only surged forward with its ideas and projects and has never stepped back. This has been possible not only because of members with money, but also because of their fellowship.

Rotary gives importance to the fellowship of its members because only when the members are friendly and comfortable with each other, will projects be carried out smoothly. Apart from just getting these members to meet up or go on a tour, we organize more specific fellowships that targets different groups.

One such fellowship is the fishing fellowship. We know there are a number of members who like to spend a day on their boat, waiting for a fish to bite. It takes a lot of time and patience to land a good catch and some of the best friendships are formed on these boats. We at rotary did not want to pass up on this opportunity, and hence this fellowship.

What we do is, we choose one of the fishing spots based on the weather and members’ suggestions, and then we hire boats and go out to fish. This is done over a weekend, so that most members can make it and need not take a day off work. Also, a weekend is a good time to bond. The members are relaxed, laid back and open to new ideas and relations.

Many new project ideas are found here and many groups are formed to carry out such projects. when you are sitting and waiting for that perfect big fish to bite the bait, it doesn’t matter whether you are sipping on a glass of Chocolate Slim or a bottle of your favorite beer, the mood is relaxed and you have nothing much to do.

These ideas and discussion is what makes Rotary unique and the members come up with new ideas and projects to make a difference to the lives of those who need it the most. Only when people discuss will they come up with useful arguments and suggestions as to what has to be done where and what could be the drawbacks. This helps us streamline our projects and reduces failure.

Each member is an experienced and distinguished member of the society, who not only have contacts but also know how the system workday and what can succeed and what can fail in the current scenario. This ensures the projects are a hit every time.

The world of medicine is making progress in leaps and bounds

The world of medicine is making progress in leaps and bounds. New technology is being developed and new products are being manufactured which is crucial in increasing the life span. This is also necessary to deal with various challenges such as unknown diseases and medical conditions.


One cannot imagine life today without the expertise of medical professionals who work tirelessly to reduce the suffering of people. They are leading tough and stressful lives but continue to dedicate their lives to the noble cause of good health. In spite of advances in technology, doctors are a vital component of the medical industry.


While medical professionals are important, their services can be of even greater help to humanity when they join an organization. With a large number of categories of medical personnel, an organization is able to utilize their potential to the maximum. One such organization is Rotary International.


With a network that spans all across the globe, we believe in the concept of service before self. This is similar to the principles that all diligent and hardworking doctors follow. Rotary International works on a number of projects in various fields such as healthcare, sanitation, education, peace, etc.


We have a fellowship exclusively for health professionals with active members around the world. Most of them include doctors, nurses, and workers in the field of healthcare and all of who are Rotarians.


Our vision is to support, promote and improve conditions all over the world. We perform volunteering work with great enthusiasm and positive spirit. Whether it is a local or international initiative in the field of healthcare, we work with a strong commitment to supporting it.


The fellowship works as a platform to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas with fellow professionals globally. This can be a great resource for all Rotarians who are connected to the profession of health as well as its allied fields.


While one cannot deny how important the role of doctors is, medicines play a vital role in ensuring the desired results from a treatment. Medicines do not just treat a disease or injury but it can also work to prevent it from occurring. Living a longer and healthier life is possible now with the advancements in the medical industry.


Old age is inevitable and so are the diseases and ailments that come along with it. During this time the wear and tear begin to show in the body as our cells degenerate with time.


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The Rotary International has a reliable and efficient human workforce. This passionate resource along with the tools such as the right equipment and medicines can help achieve their goal of stability and prosperity.

Who would not want to look beautiful

Often women suffer from a low self-esteem due to an overweight body. They tend to feel less confident and think they are no more capable of handling or looking after the financial portfolio of the house.

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The Rotary has always believed in making women independent and confident

The Rotary has always believed in making women independent and confident. They try to do the same by making women financially aware and able to look after the financial portfolio of the house.

One of the chief reasons women refrain from taking up such responsibilities is because they lack confidence. And one of the key reasons for women to have a low level of confidence is their poor aesthetic appearance that is commonly caused due to increased weight.

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