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ROTARY, FREEMASONRY AND THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH This badge was found by our historian colleague, Dr.  Wolfgang Ziegler and triggered off a search for its origin which has not yet been resolved.   The central part of what is otherwise a normal Rotary lapel badge, seems to show the symbols of Freemasonry, the set square and […]


Section Home • Paul Harris 711 Club • Join the Paul Harris Room 711 Club • Background Index • How it Happened • From Chicago • Where is 711? • Norm Recalls • A Tour of the room • 711 Photo Gallery • Gus Loehr • GUSTAVE LOEHR: ROTARY�S FORGOTTEN FOUNDER • The Harris’s • […]

Rotary Club of Minneapolis 9 1910

Brief histories of the “First 100” Clubs Rotary Club of Minneapolis 9 1910 Rotary International District 5950 Rotary Global History Fellowship Day award February 2010 When it comes to money, one can never be casual about it. It is a commodity that is always in demand and there is an ever growing need for it. […]

The Four Way Test

Herbert J. Taylor, president, Rotary Club of Chicago, 1939-40 and Rotary International 1954-55. He lived from 1893 to 1978. During a business crisis in 1932, he wrote the “Four Way Test,” shown below. It was adopted as part of Rotary International in January of 1943. Taylor’s President’s Page  examples from the world of Business The […]

Rotary’s Power for World Peace and “The Greatest Invention”

Rotary’s Power for World Peace and “The Greatest Invention”  Paul Harris on page 258 of “My Road to Rotary” discusses Rotary’s power for world peace. What did Rotary do that received the attention of the U.S. Department of State prior to 1945?He also writes about Charles Steinmetz, the inventor of alternating electricity. “The late Charles […]

Rotary Club of Duluth 25

Brief histories of the “First 100” Clubs Rotary Club of Duluth 25 Rotary International District 5580   Rotary Became International at the 1912 Rotary Convention in Duluth Rotary held its Third Annual Convention in Duluth in 1912. At that time, the Constitution was revised, changing the Rotary name from the National Association of Rotary Clubs […]


ROTARY’S WHEEL EMBLEM A wheel has been the symbol of Rotary since our earliest days. The first design was made by Chicago Rotarian Montague Bear, an engraver who drew a simple wagon wheel, with a few lines to show dust and motion. The wheel was said to illustrate “Civilization and Movement.” Most of the early […]

Disaster Relief – A Rotarian Action Group

Also see the Disaster Alert Newsletters and DRRAG membership information You may also visit Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group at Disaster alerts are sent to Rotarians, through a partnership with Rotary Global History Fellowship Purpose and Goals Disaster relief has been an elusive goal of individual Rotarians, clubs and districts for many years. The problem […]

Digital Technology Rotarians Fellowship

The Digital Technology Rotarians Fellowship welcomes you. Ours is one of the newest International Fellowships recognized by Rotary International and it is dedicated to working on bringing the usefulness of the Internet to everybody in the world, not just the privileged few.   Digaria is the one place that can really include every district, club […]

Canoeing Rotarians

The International Fellowship of Canoeing Rotarians has many meanings to each individual member. It may be to improve one’s health; out exercising one’s upper body with the paddling, one’s lower body, carrying the canoes and everything including the kitchen sink of one’s colleague who didn’t pack lightly, over a one kilometer or mile long portage. […]