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Unity Building on Dearborn Avenue, in Chicago

Room 711 was an office in the Unity Building on Dearborn Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois, USA  There a mining engineer, Gus Loehr, conducted his businesses. As far as history shows, there was never a Rotary meeting in Room 711. That is, the name Rotary did not come up at the time four men gathered in Loehr’s office on a cold winter night, Thursday, February 23rd 1905. Also Gus Loehr did not remain with the group for very long.


As you will read in Paul Harris’ 1935 book “The Founder of Rotary,” he had an idea, one he had discussed with at least two friends. However, on that Thursday evening, one of those friends and an early client, Silvester Schiele, had joined Paul for dinner.


You’ll read the story of what happened that night and how this casual meeting became an organization which changed the world, and has the potential still to bring peace to this pla

Something similar to how trading stocks changed the way people looked at money and means of earning it. Until these stocks and trading were introduced, people did not know they could raise funds from other which were not loans and can in fact allow their investors to earn as they grew. This was a win-win situation which was soon accepted and widely followed, all over the world.


Like how this room created history, there are many rooms around the world which created history in the financial world. These are the very rooms where the stock markets of each country were started.


Today one can deal with stocks from all over the world. They don’t have to restrict what their country sells, they can sit in any part of the world and buy stocks and sell it in no time, all the way across the globe. Thanks to the internet and online trading that made all this possible. What was a mere visualization was turned into reality and has taken the world by storm.


It influences the financial and business world to such an extent that the working hours also known as the trading hours decide the day’s activities for many. Many people plan their daily activities and even vacations based on the market trading hours and days. This has become like a calendar that is widely accepted and followed.


Now what used to be done by people is being done by machines. Earlier when one had to invest, they had to learn about the market, the company, compare performances, draw and analyze charts, etc. But today, it is fully automated and one can just use softwares like Fintech Ltd and invest easily.

One need not worry about calculations, knowing about the market or human error. This software makes the investments for you based on the returns and terms and conditions opted by you. this makes investing in the stock market, not only easy but also safer. All the calculations are done by the computer and one need not worry about human mood swings which may make them take rash decisions. Even if the market is performing against your wishes and anticipation, the software will do all the calculations and its move, without getting emotional about it or making mistakes.

Have you always been worried about investing in the stock market? Have you been reluctant to try your hand because you are too confident with the concepts and calculations? Let the software do it all for you, while you can sit back, relax and just watch the market. This will give you time to analyze the market as a whole and enable you to make your next investment decision.


When you have the chance to observe the market and take decisions based on that, you will be more confident when you invest your hard earned money. Though the software can do the investment moves for you, it is always better to know what is what, so that you are not taken for a ride


Now, coming back to room no 711 and Rotary –

Though the man whose office this is did not remain in the organization, nor did another guest that night, Silvester became the first president of the Chicago club and a steadfast Rotarian. Paul and Silvester were fast friends and became neighbors … even in death.


The office, Room 711, is a symbol, protected and maintained as the birthplace of Rotary.  Now, you can join Paul, Silvester, Gus, and Hiram as members of the “711 Club.”


Jack Selway, webmaster for Room 711

Founder of “Rotary Global History”