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‘Light Up Rotary’

RI president 14/15 Gary C.K. Huang chooses ‘Light Up Rotary’ as the presidential theme for 2014-15.
Photo Credit: Alyce Henson/Rotary International

RI President 14/15 Gary Huang: This is my challenge to you. How you Light Up Rotary, how you light your own candle, is up to you “Light up Rotary.”

Confucius once said: “It is better to light a single candle, than to sit and curse the darkness.” Although the Chinese philosopher died nearly 2,400 years before Rotary was founded, RI President 2014/15 Gary C.K. Huang calls him “the world’s first Rotarian.” Inspired by his teachings, Huang chose Light Up Rotary as his theme for 2014-15.

“There are so many problems in the world, so many people that need help. Many people say, ‘There’s nothing I can do.’ So they sit there doing nothing. Meanwhile everything stays dark,” Huang told the 537 district governors and their spouses and partners who are attending the 2014 International Assembly in San Diego, California.

“The Rotary way is the Confucius way. The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one, you light one, 1.2 million Rotarians light one. Together, we light up the world,” said Huang, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Taipei in Taiwan.

After announcing his theme at the opening session of the five-day training meeting, Huang urged club members to Light Up Rotary in the coming year by hosting a Rotary Day in their community and including local Rotaract and Interact members in their service projects.

“How you Light Up Rotary is up to you,” Huang said. “You know where you are strong, you know what your community needs, and you know how you can help.”

Huang also shared his membership development goals, including the need for more women and young adults and his goal to increase membership to a total of 1.3 million members. He asked Rotarians to invite their spouses, family members, and friends to join Rotary.“We need to assume leadership for building strong clubs, and that starts with bringing in new members,” he said.

Addressing the status of the fight against polio, Huang noted that with the current momentum Rotary is on track to achieve full polio eradication by 2018.

“When we eradicate polio � and we will � we will have proved ourselves an organization capable of great things. And we’ll be even better equipped for the next challenge we choose to take on. We’ll have given the world a gift that will endure forever,” he said.

By continuing to fight against polio, setting an example in local communities, and growing membership, Huang hopes to see Rotary shine brighter than ever.

Light Up Rotary is our theme, but it is more than our theme. It is how we live in Rotary, how we think in Rotary, how we feel, how we work,” Huang said. “It is how we make a difference � every day, in every club, every district, and every country where we serve.”

Source: Rotary International

Rotary News

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Rick King

No longer active
The founding of a Rotary Fellowship is based on the idea that more than one person has a passion for an avocation or hobby.  As my husband, Don, and I roamed the Friendship House and various booths at the San Antonio RI Convention, I never imagined that some mysterious force would stop me in front of Graham Money from South Africa.  I was carting around the materials I needed signed to begin a Rotary fellowship for dog lovers.  I had worked on a name that was fairly universal (fido) and was trying to figure out how to accomplish my task.  After a couple of minutes talking with Graham about his Rotary Club project, the conversation moved to fellowships.  I told him what I was trying to start a fellowship for dog lovers and he immediately said “me, too!”  And, any of you that know Graham, he’s quick to action!  He was having dinner with then RI President-elect Rick King, who is also wild about dogs.  By the next day, he had Rick signed on as our Honorary Chair.  I chased down every DG I could find from multiple countries to sign my paperwork.  Although exciting and exhausting, we accomplished our task and were approved as a Fellowship in November of 2001.

Dogs can make such a great difference to our lives on a daily basis. They bring in abundance joy and a bundle of energy that never seems to tire. Even if you are a little under the weather, they can sense it and make it their responsibility to get you out of your chair and back to your old self, within minutes. They try and get you to play with them, they make you move around and as a result, you start feeling better and you are distracted from whatever problem you are facing.

Taking care of a dog is a full time job too and that can keep you occupied well enough, to make you forget not only your problems but your regular routine too. There will be times when a dog owner loses track of time because they were so engrossed in giving their furry pet a nice long bath, only to see them run out into the garden and roll around in dirt.

Dogs are pure joy and only do owners can understand how owning a dog is not a responsibility but joy. One stands to gain a lot from having one of those loyal creatures next to them.

Apart from the joy factor, they get you into physical shape too. No matter how many cups of Chocolate Slim, you consume, you will still need some exercise if you want to lose those extra pounds fast or just stay in shape. When you run with your dog, you will never realize how long you have been running or how many calories you have burnt. This is because, there is no clock around and you are not running on a treadmill with a timer.

When you run so much, you are physically active and will be fit in no time. Whether you play with your dog, give it a bath or walk it, you are getting a good amount of exercise. And, if you are taking care of the dog all by yourself, you tend to get more exercise.

This is why we at Rotary wanted to host a fellowship for all dog owners. No matter how much you love dogs, you cannot share the experience of owning one. Owning a dog and just playing with it once in a while are two completely different situations.

When you own a dog, you are responsible for it completely, all the time. There is no pause on the responsibility clock. When they are growing up, not only will they eat a lot of food, thus increasing your monthly expenses, but they will knock down quite a number of things too. When you don’t own a dog, you will not experience all this.

Going to a dog shelter and playing with them is a big deal but it is not the same as adopting one. Only one dog owner can understand what another owner can go through. Hence when such Rotarians get together, there will be a number of dog stories to share and laugh about, thus fostering friendship and cementing some friendships for life.

A dog is not just a man’s best friend, sometimes it helps him find that best friend in another dog owner.